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The Ladies' Man

  • 1999 (Hardcover), 2000 (Paperback)
  • Random House, Vintage
  • Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, iBook, Audio

Thirty unmarried years have passed since the barely suitable Harvey Nash failed to show up at a grand Boston hotel for his own engagement party.

Today, the near-bride, Adele Dobbin, and her two sisters, Lois and Kathleen, blame Harvey for what unkind relatives call their spinsterhood, and what potential beaus might characterize as a leery, united front. The book opens with the return of Harvey Nash, jingle composer and chronic bachelor. Despite his platinum tongue and roving eye, despite the scars and grudges, this old flame becomes an improbable catalyst, unwittingly nudging the sisters off the spots where they'd been stuck since he left Adele at the altar.

Soon to be a major motion picture.

Reviews and praise

"I loved every page of this very funny, insightful, sophisticated yet good-natured book." Anita Gates, for The New York Times Book Review

"Delightful...Once you start reading this book, you won't want to do anything else." Newsday

"Lipman has been referred to as 'master of the art of screwball comedy,' but 'screwball' doesn't do justice to her fiction, which renders serious subjects through a lens of humor and hope." The Boston Globe