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Ms. Demeanor, a novel

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Elinor's books are available in a variety of formats, and can be found at your local bookstores and online.

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If you'd like to order a personalized copy, just contact The Corner Bookstore in New York—by calling or using the form below—to place your order. The bookstore will contact you regarding payment. Please do not send financial details with this form.

The Corner Bookstore has non-personalized, signed copies that can be purchased at the store. (Please note that Rachel to the Rescue is available in digital format only.)

  Ms. Demeanor (Hardcover)
  Good Riddance (Hardcover, if available)
  Good Riddance (Paperback)
  On Turpentine Lane (Hardcover, if available)
  On Turpentine Lane (Paperback)
  The View From Penthouse B (Hardcover, if available)
  The View From Penthouse B (Paperback)
  I Can't Complain (Hardcover, if available)
  I Can't Complain (Paperback)
  The Family Man (Paperback)
  My Latest Grievance (Paperback)
  The Pursuit of Alice Thrift (Paperback)
  The Dearly Departed (Paperback)
  The Ladies' Man (Paperback)
  The Inn at Lake Devine (Paperback)
  Isabel's Bed (Paperback)
  The Way Men Act (Paperback)
  Then She Found Me (Paperback)

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Now Featuring

Ms. Demeanor, a novel