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Analysts from Citi remarked that the scale of the asset quality review adjustments "matter in terms of future potential regulatory constraints". Banks with big hits to capital ratios as a result of the ECB's adjustments will have less capacity to expand, lend more, or pay dividends.

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State media have carried lurid tales of the goings-on in such clubs and the huge amounts of money charged for ostentatious meals in luxurious surroundings, all at odds with Xi's other campaign for official frugality and for officials to show they are no different from ordinary people.

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Even if Rice’s suspension is reduced or overturned, there’s doubt whether any owner will step up and sign him. He’s 27 years old, averaged 3.1 yards per carry last season, and is considered toxic after the elevator video surfaced.

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Skelos said he could not remember a New York City mayor who got so directly involved in state campaigns. De Blasio’s predecessor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, was the Senate GOP’s top individual financial benefactor while he was in office.

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During World War Two it became a gay bar and was shut down by the Navy for "lewd and lascivious behavior," George said. It reopened in 1948 and until the 1970s was named Chanticleer after a character in Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales."

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The arrangement lasted for a number of years. Then, understanding landlords allowed mother and daughter to move into an affordable one-bedroom of their own. “When I was 6 or 7,” Plimpton says, “we moved to a two-bedroom. It’s been home my whole life — until a month ago.

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The women's short program followed, with 2014 Olympian and U.S. champion Gracie Gold and two-time junior champion Elena Radionova of Russia highlighting the field. The pairs and women's free skates are scheduled for Sunday.

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"I started to panic," he said. He met Fidere and was toldhis arrangement with the council was not viable for the firm. OnJune 24 he got a letter of eviction. A judge overruled this inSeptember, but Fidere can appeal. Gamarra fears he will bethrown out.

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Mohammed Pervez, Stoke-on-Trent council leader, added: “The Government has said HS2 is all about cities and yet there is a real risk that the only major city between Birmingham and Manchester could be sidelined. The negative impacts on the city would far outweigh any growth around the town of Crewe.”

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Perusing his inbox the other day while hunting for someone’s contact details (I promise), I spotted in the subject box of one email “1,200 then, it’s a deal.”

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GM had sold a majority of Saab to Spyker in 2010. As part ofthat sale, it licensed Saab to build vehicles using theDetroit-based automaker's intellectual property, and retained aright to end the license if Saab were sold without its consent.

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Lee Joon-seok, 68, charged with homicide, should besentenced to death for failing to carry out his duty, which ineffect amounted to homicide, the prosecution told the courtbefore resting its case in a trial that has taken place amidintense public anger.

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James Neuberger, the associate medical director at the UK's NHS Blood and Transplant service, said: "Machine perfusion is an opportunity to improve the number and quality of organs available for transplant.

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With asthma so common among this community, the Asthma Society of Ireland and the Pavee Point-Traveller & Roma Centre decided to develop a new health programme that delivered culturally appropriate asthma education to this community.

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The sale of a 49 percent stake in the world's biggestairports operator has been flagged as the largest initial publicoffering in Europe this year and a litmus test for domesticinvestor confidence in an economic recovery.

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Ram Krishnan, Frito-Lay's chief marketing officer, said this year's winner is evidence Americans want more ethnic flavors, even though the top four Lay's flavors remain Original, Barbecue, Cheddar & Sour Cream and Sour Cream & Onion. He said he couldn't have imagined Lay's selling a Wasabi Ginger flavor when he joined the company eight years ago.

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Thumping his fist in frustration, Cameron said "people should be in no doubt: as an important contributor to this organization, we are not suddenly going to get out our checkbook and write a check for 2 billion euros. It is not happening."

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But there will be no proud marches through the streets of London or fly-pasts to commemorate the heroic efforts of the tens of thousands of British military personnel who have served in Afghanistan for the past decade or more, in a conflict that has claimed 453 lives – nearly double the number of British war dead in the Falklands. Yesterday’s simple ceremony may well be the last time the British public is invited to commemorate the sacrifices – including the thousands who have suffered serious physical and mental injury – of all those who served in that benighted country.

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Time technically hasn’t run out on general manager John Idzik’s 2013 second-round pick, but Ryan can’t justify throwing Smith back in there right now given his brutal first half of the season (7 TDs, 10 INTs, 65.6 QB rating).

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Areva-Siemens in September said the start date of the reactor, which is planned to be Finland's fifth and biggest nuclear unit, will be pushed back to late 2018 - almost a decade later than originally planned.

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The Ravens immediately cut Rice after the video was released by TMZ, and Goodell followed by suspending him indefinitely after initially giving him just a two-game suspension when he handed out the penalty in late July.

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NEW YORK (AP) — The Brooklyn Museum plans an exhibition on graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (zhahn mee-SHEHL' BAH'-skee-aht) that includes eight rarely seen notebooks filled with his handwritten texts and sketches.

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This is a glimmer of light in the smog for everyone on the planet and particularly for China's own citizens, who increasingly see the urban air quality index as a measure of government competence that transcends politics or ideology.

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They will also meet officials in a similar workshop in fast-growing Shenyang, which has more than six million inhabitants. On another day they will present their ideas at the national academy of China's mayors.

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House prices across 70 major Chinese cities declined by 1.3pc in September from a year earlier. The housing correction is widespread with prices falling month-on-month in a record 69 out of 70 major cities, up from 68 in August, according to NBS data. This will have wide ranging effects on the Chinese economy as according to French bank Societe Generale: “the aggregate exposure of China’s financial system to the property market is likely to be as much as 80pc of GDP.”

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Professor Hugh Perry, chairman of the MRC's neuroscience and mental health board, said: "If people are too frightened to address early signs of dementia, we can't possibly get a full picture of the disease from a research perspective, to understand how the disease first develops and how it varies from person to person.

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Mississippi State scored 10 straight points, converting Braylon Heard's fumble into Evan Sobiesk's 26-yard field goal and capping a 68-yard drive with Prescott's 2-yard run. Austin MacGinnis' 34-yard field goal brought Kentucky within a touchdown and the Wildcats got another chance to narrow the lead before halftime.

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“We’ve been waiting for this day it’s like a wedding, it’s the second time and we all have to take part in the election so good things can happen to Tunsia,” said one man on the street.

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Williams Partners owns interests in three major interstatepipelines which, combined, deliver 14 percent of the natural gasconsumed in the United States. Access owns and operates morethan 6,300 miles of natural gas pipelines across nine states.

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That month, tenants in Bouzelmat's block, some of whom hadofficial rent reductions, received a letter from Encasa Cibelessaying: "The rental contract will not suffer any change. Youwill maintain the same rental conditions that you havecurrently, including the monthly rent and the length of yourcontract." The letter, seen by Reuters, said tenants needn't doanything.

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and oddly enough, look how the Washington Post as well as other major U.S. dailies have allowed Obama to go unchecked ….. makes one wonder if Obama was a Republican, how long would it have taken the Post and all the rest of the major outlets to go after him based on the antics of the past few years. Very sad how the media has failed America and the huge price we all have to pay for it.

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