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Jack Bruce, best known as one third of Cream, has died of liver disease. In a statement issued by his family on Saturday, his family said: ““It is with great sadness that we, Jack’s family, announce the passing of our beloved Jack: husband, father, granddad, and all round legend. The world of music will be a poorer place without him but he lives on in his music and forever in our hearts.”

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A poll conducted by the conservative Civitas Institute in late September showed Ellmers drawing 47 percent support compared to Aiken's 39 percent. Fourteen percent were undecided, and there was a 5 percent margin of error.

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She told the BBC's Good Morning Scotland: "I believe that we should have a very open contest and I look forward to a number of different names already emerging, be they MPs, MSPs or indeed MEPs.

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So unhappy are investors with Rousseff that Brazil's stockmarket and its currency both slumped in recent weeks wheneveropinion polls showed her gaining ground in the race. They couldtake another hit on Monday.

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Irrespective of whether you spend a good amount of money on Halloween costumes and essentials, strike good deals by last minute shopping or create most of the necessities on your own with the available supplies, the key is to make them all look creepy and enjoy a great Halloween party – Happy Halloween

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The tools included spear points, scrapers for working animal hides and implements for cutting and butchering. "A lot of the stone tools seem to be all about hunting and processing of animals," Rademaker said.

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First spot of the day is the stately and delicious field parasol (Macrolepiota procera), with its distinctive snakeskin stem and patterned umbrella cap. “They start off looking like drumsticks,” he says. “It is only when they mature that they look like parasols.” Close to them is a small colony of pale brittlestems (Psathyrella candolleana), which fit into a large section of edible but barely worthwhile fungi. Their common name refers to their ability to snap satisfyingly when dropped on the ground. A few feet away, we meet our first “nasty” – rosy bonnet (Mycena rosea), a light purple mushroom with a strong radish smell.

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Mr Christie has seen his own presidential prospects see-saw wildly. A year ago after his landslide re-election in New Jersey – a heavily Democrat state – the self-styled “guvnor” was hailed as the Republican who could win over independents, and with them the White House.

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the Syrian air force had carried out 600 air strikes, including barrel-bomb drops from helicopters, during the past week. It said about 180 civilians, including more than 50 children, were killed in the attacks.

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To Penguin’s credit, they quickly saw the point and the new book is an exact reproduction of the original, with the exception that it seems to have properly bound pages – so the black-and-white plates shouldn’t fall out, as they do with the 1966 first edition.

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Details on how a new regulatory process would work are unclear. The effort would require writing new rules and possible federal and state legislation. "It's much more complicated than it may seem on its face," Fienberg said.

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He added: "He was very respectful, very friendly and he was just the nicest guy you could wish to meet. He had a lot of great relationships within the team, kept everyone together and his performances were exemplary."

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Meanwhile, the report also called on women to undergo regular health check-ups for chronic conditions such as heart disease and cancer. It also noted that certain drugs may benefit some women. For example, taking oestrogen and some types of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) within 10 years of starting the menopause, or under the age of 60, has been shown to reduce the incidence of heart disease.

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The world’s largest consumer products maker, which acquired Duracell in 2005, announced earlier this year that it would shed more than half its brands around the globe during the next year ortwo.

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According to a statement provided by her union, Silberberger said she rushed into the cafeteria when she heard gunfire and "confronted the shooter" and "did everything possible to protect students" until on-campus security arrived.

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As Iraqi government soldiers and militias savored their victory and were taking photographs of the bodies, mortars fired by Islamic State fighters who had fled to orchards to the west rained down on the town.

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“(The original) three hours passed. No one seemed to be in charge. No one would tell me what was going on or what would happen to me . . . I was hungry and thirsty and asked for something to eat and drink. I was given a granola bar and some water. I wondered what I had done wrong.

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Foreign investors have raised particular concerns overIndonesia's energy and gas sector, which has been rocked bycorruption scandals that have implicated top governmentofficials, including former energy minister Jero Wacik.

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U.S. President Barack Obama said last month he wanted to train and equip Free Syrian Army rebels to "strengthen the opposition as the best counterweight to the extremists" and to prevent U.S. troops from being dragged into another ground war.

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Taking an average size of around 70 square metres for theflats sold, Goldman and Blackstone and their Spanish partnerspaid around 970 euros per sq m for the properties. Flats inVallecas sell for around 2,000 euros per sq m, real estate agentwebsites show - about 200,000 euros for a 100-sq-km home. "Theprice per unit was very cheap," said Fernando Encinar ofMadrid-based real estate agent Idealista. "In any market, if youbuy in volume you get a good price."

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In the wake of the attack by Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, Canada's justice minister Peter MacKay said the government would toughen security laws, including extra powers for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service spy agency.

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The prices of steak will start at 18. But they can rise to 149 for the 180g cuts made from Kobe, the highest quality of beef which is distinct for its well-marbled, buttery texture and high percentage of fat.

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The scale of Modi's challenge can be seen by the 37coal-fired plants that recently had less than four days ofstocks left, a situation that results in power cuts, which inturn force businesses and wealthier households to maintaincostly diesel-powered generators.

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But perhaps what was most extraordinary was the revelation from one top reformer that he had started studying accounts of earlier Communist attempts at economic modernisation, starting with the failed Kosygin reforms of the early 1960s.

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Yet apparently, no one discouraged Dr. Ebola from using one of the busiest subway systems in the world. Even if you believe there is zero chance, or a close-to-zero chance, of catching Ebola on the subway, you have to know a good number of riders might not be comfortable rubbing elbows with an infected passenger.


But Lin Yong, chief executive officer at HaitongInternational brokerage based in Hong Kong, said pro-democracyprotests in Hong Kong had made it too risky for China to launchthe stock connect scheme.

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"There was a sense earlier in the week that, with no furtherEbola-related scare stories, the weakness in travel and cruisestocks was viewed by some as a potential investment opportunity.But the news out of New York has changed the game again," saidJeremy Batstone-Carr, a market analyst at Charles Stanley.

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"The Health Ministry... urged adherence to preventative measures to curb the spread of the disease, and to avoiding contact with infected camels, and an emphasis on measures to combat infection in health facilities," said a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency.

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He said 700 family groups were cut off, along with hundreds of fighters from both the Yazidis's own hastily put together militia and the Peshmerga. He added that civilians, including children, were beginning to succumb once again to the poor conditions, including the lack of water.

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In a blog post on Monday, Greatfire.org, which monitors Chinese Internet censorship, accused the Chinese government of being involved in an iCloud hack that attacked users in China. Greatfire said the "malicious attack" was designed to "gain access to usernames and passwords," and claimed China could use the stolen user information to obtain all data stored on iCloud, such as iMessages, photos and contacts.

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Mr Stevens's comes just six months after 48-year-old Scottish oil worker Peter Campsie was shot dead by two gunmen during an attempted carjacking as he returned to his family home in the city of Macae, to the north of Rio de Janeiro. The operations manager for Diamond Offshore Drilling International was shot twice in April as he tried to flee in his car.

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