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Retirees will get a 1.7 percent bump in their Social Security benefit next year, according to the Social Security Administration, which announced the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) on Wednesday. Recipients of disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income also will receive the COLA.

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The east Londoner, who was married, had been in Syria since December last year and according to his own accounts had spent months ferrying the dead and injured from the conflict to field hospitals near the fighting.

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Samsung's decision also underscores the challenges faced bythe company and the wider Samsung Group in nurturing new growthdrivers. Samsung Electronics is battling falling profits in itssmartphone business, the world's largest, and group patriarchLee Kun-hee has been hospitalised since a May heart attack.

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"As expected, our Completion and Production Services segmentcontinued to face sluggish market conditions during the thirdquarter. However, our team's focus on cost reductions and efficiencygains in this operation helped support field and segment marginimprovement even as utilization waned. We expect challenging marketconditions to persist in the near term, but with a growing inventoryof wells to be serviced in the Canadian marketplace, we are fullyprepared and capable of capitalizing on an industry rebound."

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The U.S. team has been ranked No. 1 in the world for the past five years and was the easy favorite going into the eight-team CONCACAF tournament. The women swept the group stage to advance to the semifinal against Mexico.

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The Association for the Improvement in the Maternity Services (AIMS) Ireland has raised concerns about the HSE inquiry panel, claiming some of its members have too close ties to the HSE. It said the inquiry should be fully independent of the HSE.

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When the first cases of a new flu virus were reported in Mexico City, the WHO had already been preparing for a global influenza pandemic with many experts suggesting it could be as devastating as the post-World War One Spanish flu.

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For Apple, despite iTunes originally being a means to an end to sell iPods and later iPhones, it creates a revenue gap in what had nevertheless become a very profitable content business. The IT giant needs to properly establish itself in the streaming domain of course. And iTunes’ first go at streaming – iTunes Radio – having had limited success, that’s now in the hands of Ian Rogers, who came to the firm via the Beats acquisition earlier this year.

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The mission is the fourth of 12 under SpaceX’s $1.6 billion contract with NASA for station cargo runs. The company is one of two recently selected by NASA to also develop capsules to fly astronauts to and from the station, a $100 billion research laboratory owned and operated by a partnership of 15 nations.

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Governor Pat Quinn issued the directive in a statement dated Friday after New York governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey governor Chris Christie made the same rule for travelers landing at New York City-area airports. The rule exceeds federal guidelines.

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The "overall tone of the communique should feel dovish as the Fed counters the implied tightening in monetary conditions resulting from the strong dollar and leans against the potential fallout from the current global growth slowdown and disinflationary impulse," TD Securities economist Millan Mulraine wrote in a client note.

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Using the fruits of a commodity-fueled economic boom in thelast decade, Brazil's government expanded welfare programs thathelped lift more than 40 million people from poverty despite thecurrent economic woes.

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Under the circumstances, a drive to deep center field was one of the least likely outcomes. Perez, who has two home runs in 95 big-league games, rarely hits the ball to the warning track. Also of note, he has a .181 batting average and four extra-base hits in 101 career plate appearances that reached two strikes.

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Have you ever found yourself providing a different service each day? Are you a fashion designer one minute, a doctor the next and perhaps a fisherman by night? Or perhapsyou're the type that changes the name of your company three times a month. There comes a point in time that you've just got to settle down and become recognizable.

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HS2 chairman Sir David Higgins has been talking to Adam Parsons, who asked whether an HS4 railway is on the cards. "Ultimately the network needs to be able to get through to Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow and be part of the plan," said Sir David. "A combination of upgrading existing network plus new line. Not all of it has to be new."

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"I think that's why Gene Haas wanted to make a change. He wants more," Busch said Friday at Martinsville. "Winning a race and getting in the Chase isn't what the 41 car is here to do. It's to be competitive week in and week out and have shots at winning."

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As fish evolved, they reverted back to spawning, in which eggs and sperm to fertilise them are released into the water by female and male creatures respectively. It took another few million years for copulation to make a come-back, reappearing in ancestors of sharks and rays.

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In the 2009 World Series, when umpires could look on their own to be sure, they checked a drive by Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez in Philadelphia and reversed their call, giving him a home run instead of a double.

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First Media, the media arm of Indonesian conglomerate LippoGroup, declined to comment on the reason behind the smalleroffering. Representatives for CVC did not immediately reply torequests for comment.

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Vauxhall claim a 0-60mph time of 11.9 seconds for this version, with a top speed of 112mph, andfor everyday driving there is nothing amiss. On the economy front, all new 1.0-litre Corsas have stop/start and officially the 90bhp version will return 65.7mpg, with a tax-free CO2 rating of100g/km.

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"Glasgow has its own political way of doing things. It has a strong Labour-led council and perhaps was less comfortable with a private company using their know-how for private gain," the source suggested

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One thing he doesn't want to hear are questions about fatigue or a tired arm, or even his high innings count at this stage. The durable, 6-foot-5, 235-pound pitcher from Hickory, North Carolina, swears he can handle it all physically.

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"We have been examining the protocols for protecting our brave healthcare workers, and, guided by the science, we'll continue to work with state and local officials to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety and health of the American people," Obama said.

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The researchers concluded that the intermixing occurred 19 to 23 generations ago. They said Rapa Nui people are not believed to have started mixing with Europeans until much later, the 19th century. Malaspinas said the genetic ancestry of today's Rapa Nui people is roughly 75 percent Polynesian, 15 percent European and 10 percent Native American.

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It is unclear exactly how the glow-in-the-dark effect of the Waitrose roses is achieved, but when Interflora released a similar bunch of flowers for Halloween 2012, it was reported that the flowers' coating absorbed natural or electric light.

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Republicans acknowledge that Nunn may have a small opening, at least in south Georgia, where her father, former Sen. Sam Nunn, remains popular among erstwhile "Southern Democrats." Rob Collins, director of the national GOP's Senate campaign arm, said Perdue's name ID is low in some rural pockets because he concentrated on metro Atlanta in the primary, while his runoff rival, Rep. Jack Kingston of Savannah, dominated the south. "He's got to get down there and work on that," Collins said of Perdue.

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The President himself declared: “I will not stand for it.” But since the administration itself said the problem was long-standing, indeed predating Obama, this means he had stood for it for five and a half years.

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"From the outset, these attempts to punish people by taxing their food and beverage choices have come from a well-orchestrated campaign by a national activist lobby," Salazar said. "It's the 1 percent pushing the tax on the 99 percent."

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The currently untitled film, expected to feature unseen footage of the band's most successful years, will be made with the full support and collaboration with 'Grateful Dead' surviving members, and is expected to be released sometime next year.

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Do you have a plan for early detection? Do you have regular mammograms? Do you have regular breast exams by a medical professional? Do you do self-breast exams monthly? Do you eat properly, work to reduce stress levels, get enough sleep?

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"Cassini has been steadily gathering evidence of this global circulation pattern, and the identification of this new methane cloud is another strong indicator that the process works the way we think it does," said Michael Flasar, Goddard scientist and principal investigator for Cassini's Composite Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS).

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