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On Friday, volume on Digital River's options was 11 times normal with 18,000 contracts traded by 2:30 p.m. EST. Calls at the $18 strike and expiring on Nov. 22 were the most active as investors appeared to be liquidating positions, options strategist Fred Ruffy said.

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Two-thirds did some form of household chore, such as tidying the bedroom or washing up. Girls were found to be more likely to be asked to help around the house than boys, the survey of 1,100 children found.

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Just enough in-your-face anger to give the Foxies the ability to work what would not even pass for a minor fracas into their promos for Friday night’s tango in San Francisco. Just enough for all the highlight shows to replay it Thursday over and over again. Just enough for it to become a topic for Gasbags preaching to the unwashed masses inside the Valley of the Stupid.

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Members of Cirillo's division joined local first responders inside the circle of 40 players from both teams. With photos of Cirillo and Vincent on the arena video screens, the sellout crowd of 19,266 stood for a moment of silence that lasted 42 seconds.

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According to criminal and civil court filings, Zwerko passedinformation to Post about Merck's acquisition of Idenix as wellas Ardea and ViroPharma, which Zwerko learned were potentialacquisition targets. Post then traded on the information andsplit the profits with Zwerko, authorities said.

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Senate hopeful Joni Ernst of Iowa said recently, "I don't know the science behind climate change. ... I can't say one way or another what is the direct impact from whether it's man-made or not." She prefaced her comments by saying she believes in protecting the environment, offering as evidence, "I drive a hybrid car, and my family recycles everything."

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Marco Falchi, an Uber driver in Las Vegas, was able to pick up a few customers ahead of the service’s ban. Falchi applied to be an Uber driver six months ago, and submitted his driver’s license, insurance and driving record to do so. "Here the politics are really tough," Falchi said.

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"I wanted to challenge my fate," he remembers. He decided to start a company, but at first had no idea of how to go about it. He tried lots of things, including "selling dolls, printing name cards, reselling photocopiers, reselling steel" to name but a few.

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The slowing economy, rising prices and anger over a lack ofinvestment in public services prompted many to ask whether theWorkers' Party had exhausted its ability to improve the lives ofpeople in a country still plagued by vast gaps between rich andpoor.

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"In fact smoking in pregnancy is one of the most important preventable factors associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes. It attributes to around 2,200 preterm births, 5,000 miscarriages and 300 perinatal deaths in the UK every year," she added.

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“I knew something was up after the year when those things were said. I loved it in Pittsburgh, I enjoyed my time, I never asked for a trade or anything like that. You know, things happen, it’s part of our business, and you kind of put that stuff behind you and move on. When a team trades you, they obviously don’t want you anymore and you’re going to a team that does, so you get excited for that,” Neal said.

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“Alaska native young adults and students throughout the State have demonstrated remarkable success in revitalizing Alaska Native languages,” Republican Governor Sean Parnell said in a statement. “This bill reinforces that effort and recognizes the vibrant, existing Alaska Native languages of the state of Alaska.”

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Fresh off that defeat, Christie stonewalled a plan to improve poverty-level wages for contract workers at Newark Airport — caving only under intense pressure as Gov. Cuomo and the Port Authority did the right thing at JFK and LaGuardia. At that point, he must have been exhausted.

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Freed when constitutional government returned in 1985, Mr Mujica, who is popularly known as Pepe, toned down some of his more radical socialist rhetoric to fight for his ideals as a mainstream politician.

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And I’m prepared to bet that in the next two or three weeks, some more tempting deals will be launched to try to lure late bookers. Fares to European destinations have dropped as low as 45 return to Madrid.

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This week’s medical query comes courtesy of Mr HE from Leeds, troubled over the past couple of years by recurrent abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhoea. These can be of sufficient severity to warrant him attending the local casualty department, but despite extensive investigations, the specific cause remains elusive.

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No West Ham player was anxious yesterday – although, worryingly for Pellegrini, Allardyce was right to highlight the vulnerability of City’s defence where GaClichy was caught out, Eliaquim Mangala looked raw and Vincent Kompany is becoming increasingly reckless in his challenges.

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“He’s going to say he’s available. That’s who he is,” Bochy said. “It’s not like he pushed real hard. ” But getting back to what I talked about, it’s our confidence in the guy we have going tomorrow. I don’t think at this point we should push Madison either. Then you’re going to ask him to go on another three days. So we’re keeping things in order because of how well all of our starters have thrown.”

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Eustace’s jump was not highly televised like Baumgartner’s, and in order to film the historic jump, he carried a few GoPro cameras with him. Eustace commented that Google offered to back his jump. In an attempt to prevent it from becoming a marketing event – he declined the offer.

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Mary Creagh, Labour's shadow transport secretary, said: "Labour supports high-speed rail to tackle commuter overcrowding and to improve connections between cities in the North and Midlands and London.

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After arming himself with a small arsenal, Wick checks into the Continental Hotel. It is a safe haven for assassins, where killing is forbidden and the desk clerk can arrange an unquestioning doctor to patch up wounds, and even a waste disposal company to get rid of bullet-riddled bodies.

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Rousseff's economic policies have been roundly criticized byinvestors for tipping Brazil into a recession while damagingstate-run companies such as oil producer Petrobras and lender Banco do Brasil along the way.

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Be honest for a moment. The US and British military won the Iraq war. The Obama Administration gave the country back to the enemy by pulling out before the new Iraq had worked through the first phases of becoming a self-sustaining nation with an identity as a democracy. Now it looks like it will be necessary to go back. Perhaps the American Military should for once just refuse without a Congressional Declaration of War. Remember that we stayed in Germany and Japan for more than a decade rebuilding those former enemies and now they are fast allies.

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Retirees will get a 1.7 percent bump in their Social Security benefit next year, according to the Social Security Administration, which announced the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) on Wednesday. Recipients of disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income also will receive the COLA.

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Rousseff, who was jailed and tortured in the early 1970s for opposing that era's military dictatorship, is the country's first woman president. The daughter of a Bulgarian aristocrat who emigrated to Brazil during World War Two, she was a relatively obscure government technocrat until her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva hand-picked her as his successor.

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Bony’s smart strike in the 16th minute was well handled by Kasper Schmeichel, but kept guard of a goal that Leicester, allegedly, claimed was too big prior to kick off. No lasting dramas on that front and no real danger of the deadlock being broken until Schmeichel scuffed his clearance straight to the feet of Sigurdsson, who dwelt on the ball for too long, and was subsequently dispossessed by Wes Morgan.

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Overall, the STOXX euro zone bank index was down 1.6percent around midday on Monday, trimming sharp gains made inthe past 10 days. Spain's BBVA, France's SocieteGenerale and Germany's Deutsche Bank -which all passed the tests - were down 0.6-2.1 percent.

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Peter Hahn gives us the correct pronunciation of Monte dei Paschi - a hard 'c', it would seem. The Italian bank has been told it needs to raise 2.1bn after the European stress tests - by far the worst performer. It's also the oldest bank in the world. Founded in the 15th century, apparently.

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The flick attracted more moviegoers at the North America box office than the violent Keanu Reeves thriller “John Wick.” The R-rated hit man revenge tale from Lionsgate opened with $14.2 million in second place.

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The rationale is simple. According to one of Miliband’s senior advisers: “We detest both Cameron and Farage but it is Cameron we want out of Downing Street. The Conservative Party will go into total meltdown if Cameron loses again. We recognise the long-term threat of inflating Farage, of course we do. But if you ask me what result helps Labour in May it is, undoubtedly, a UKIP win.”

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The Jets entered the season with high expectations despite several question marks in the secondary. Calvin Pace said in training camp he thought they had the best defense in the league. The Jets are ranked eighth in total defense but 26th in scoring defense — 28th in the red zone.

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“Pencils of Promise was not expecting Ariana to be in attendance at the gala,” according to a statement from event reps Sunshine Sachs PR, which contradicts what they’d written on invites. “She was indeed invited, along with many other celebrities. We apologize for any confusion.” However, an email sent by the same firm on Oct. 16, stated Grande’s name among the expected guests. Grande’s reps declined to comment.

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