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Leeds, Milton Keynes, Sheffield, Oldham, Farringdon and Northampton dropped off the most recent 10 list, to be replaced by Peterborough, Stevenage, Blackburn, Liverpool, Southend-on-Sea and Ilford.

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"This is the first time in history we have ever had a population of people with an intellectual disability who have reached old age and this is something that we should celebrate. However, there are a number of very serious health concerns that we need to better understand in this population. Unless we can address some of these challenges, older people with ID are likely to live a poor quality of life as they grow older, and ageing in poor health is an empty prize," commented IDS-TILDA principal investigator, Prof Mary McCarron.

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To coincide with the research, The Maths Factor has launched a 'Curriculum Quiz', designed to test the maths skills of pupils and parents, and to demonstrate the age at which these questions would appear.

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Analysts are also trying to work out whether this is aprelude to the kind of sovereign bond-buying that couldmeaningfully increase the ECB's balance sheet, or evidence thatsuch a programme is far from certain.

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Allergan shareholders, as you know, are weighing Pershingproposals to oust six board members and begin talks withValeant. Both sides seem to believe that the more mud they canthrow at the other, the better their chance of winning the proxyfight.

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"I think it's important to recognize our people, for what they do and what they stand for," the coach added. "I get shivers talking about it, but it just shows the solidarity of people that believe in the country and believe in standing together."

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"There might be climate change, but we are not seeing that reflected in temperatures. We are losing our coastline, but that's relative sea level rise. ... That's related to our levees on our river, taking needed sediment from restoring our coast as well as other factors that cause the land to sink as much as water rising."

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Kevin Harvick watches his crew in the garage as he waits for practice to begin for Sunday's Sprint Cup Series auto race at Martinsville Speedway in Martinsville, Va., Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

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But, our correspondent adds, Mr Eustace completed it without the aid of sponsorship, and with considerably less fanfare than the previous record holder, Felix Baumgartner, whose jump from the edge of space was streamed live over the internet two years ago.

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Jackson doesn’t lack confidence and has a clear vision for the franchise. That's a good starting point. However, it hasn't all been smooth sailing for Jackson, who is neither familiar nor comfortable with failure. Life under Dolan, despite the “full autonomy” press conference talking points, has had its rocky moments. Dolan wasn’t thrilled with Jackson’s first choice to become coach, Steve Kerr, Jackson’s close friend who had made it known that he wasn't sure being employed by Dolan would be good for his health and career. Jackson also tried to make changes to the medical department but was rebuffed.

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The number of patients waiting for more than eight months for inpatient or day case hospital treatment rose from 1,764 in January to 8,692 in August, according to the HSE's latest performance assessment report.

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"The discovery of the Hobbit has opened up the credible possibility of other undiscovered human species being 'out there', perhaps buried metres underground like the Hobbit, or tucked away in a museum drawer, unrecognised for what it truly is - another new species, but misidentified as an 'unusual' modern human or an earlier species of human well-known to science," he told BBC News.

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“When you confiscate large sharks, then small sharks are very abundant and they consume more of the invertebrates that we humans eat. The findings of the study show that large-bodied, shallow-water species of sharks are at greatest risk among marine animals, and the overall risk of shark extinction is substantially higher than for most other vertebrates,” Pimiento said.

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Abdullah ran for 149 yards and two long touchdowns in the first half. He hit the right corner hard, put a move on safety Lorenzo Waters and continued on for a 53-yard TD. On the next series, Abdullah went left for 48 yards to put the Huskers in front 21-7.

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Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer connected with John Brown on a 75-yard pass for the game-winning touchdown in the fourth quarter but the Arizona defense were tested to the limit on the final drive of the game.

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During Game 1 of the Eastern Conference final almost a full five months ago, Chris Kreider collided with Carey Price and knocked the Canadiens goaltender out of the series with a knee injury. The Habs cried foul after the play, with ex-Ranger Brandon Prust going so far as to say Kreider’s play was “accidentally on purpose.” Kreider, who has insisted from the start that the play was unintentional, says he hasn’t thought much about the incident, much less conversed with Price about it.

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JAKARTA, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Indonesia's new president onSunday named professional technocrats to lead the top economicministries and implement much-needed reforms that address costlyfuel subsidies, cooling investment and creaky infrastructure inSoutheast Asia's biggest economy.

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He was arrested in May at his home in Kawasaki and on Friday was given a two-year sentenced for creating a deadly firearm by the Yokohama District Court in Japan, a country with extremely strict gun laws.

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Often, I find myself one of the last holdouts when it comes to making changes in staff and players. But even if changes were made, it's hard to say those changes can result in anything. I could get angry if I felt that there were things that could change the outcome of yesterday's game, but I don't.

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Likewise, a long-awaited programme that would allow globalfund managers to distribute Hong Kong-domiciled funds inmainland China, unveiled early last year, appears to have beentemporarily shelved.

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This means parents who take children out of school during term-time, often to avoid very high holiday costs, can receive automatic penalty notices of 60 per child. This rises to 120 if not paid within 21 days.

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Another new entry, action thriller "John Wick" starring Keanu Reeves as a hit man out for revenge, debuted in second, taking in $14.2 million from Friday through Sunday, according to estimates from tracking firm Rentrak.

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Haja was pictured here in 2007 with the youngest of her seven grandchildren, Horan, in Hassa Hissa camp. "I was living in sector two of this camp when the photo was taken - the place was too small for us so we moved," she says. Haja would like to go home but feels this is unlikely and she has lost contact with neighbours and village friends. "In my village we could provide for the children, we had fields to farm, livestock and milk," she says.

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"The location is an extended care facility inside a buildingthat is part of the hospital," Thomas said in an email. "Weunderstand that this is an inconvenience but our primary concernis the health of the patient."

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Mr King will remain on the board in a non-executive capacity, however, and as the largest individual shareholder. He turns 50 next year, and wants to focus on other investments as well as coaching other entrepreneurs.

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The acknowledgements, tucked away at the back of the book, lists a distinguished group of advisers, including consultant editor Toby Musgrave, UK; Richard Aitken, Australia; Ravindra Bhan, India; Patrick Goode, UK; Dan Pearson, UK; Christine Reid, Australia; Marc Treib, US; Tom Turner, UK; and Made Wijaya, Bali. But this is not a complete list and it would have added to my enjoyment to know who wrote (or advised on) what.

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As for the cappuccino flavor - which was described as "NASTY" and "gross" in some comments on Lay's Facebook page - Krishnan defended its performance, although he wouldn't say how many votes it got.

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Most pundits assume the general election will be fought against a strong economic backdrop. The Conservatives certainly hope that buoyant consumer sentiment, including continued rock-bottom interest rates and stable financial markets, will help them secure victory, and even an overall majority, in May 2015.

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While around 36 million people were registered to vote, no voting was held on the Crimean Peninsula, which was annexed by Russia in March, or in parts of Ukraine's easternmost regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, where shelling remains a daily constant. The fight against armed separatists on the border with Russia has claimed the lives of more than 3,600 people.

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Boeing and engine maker General Electric were granted export licences in April by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control under a temporary sanctions relief deal after Tehran agreed to temporarily curtailed its nuclear activities.

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