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In his report, Rebalancing Britain, Sir David said: "I firmly believe that substantially improved services east-west across the North are not only desirable, but possible. We need to turn the aspiration into a practical plan."

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Meyiwa played for South Africa's hugely popular Orlando Pirates club and the police force said late Sunday on its Twitter account that it was breaking protocol to announce his death soon after the shooting. Police also called for calm, saying "upset" people had gathered at the house and at the hospital where Meyiwa was confirmed dead.

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Laura Poitras' "Citizenfour" drew a $25,000 average opening in five theaters for the Weinstein Company's Radius unit. Expanding to 50 theaters in its second week, Fox Searchlight's "Birdman" took in an average of almost $29,000 per screen.

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"Current smokers were more likely to have anxiety after a heart attack than never smokers or people who had quit smoking more than two years ago. We did not find any association between smoking and depression after a heart attack," Prof Serpytis noted.

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Adults are usually diagnosed when the hip joint develops symptoms. “The hip becomes shorter, it’s painful, and the motion of the hip joint is limited,” says Harwin. “Often, you’ll see changes in behavior as the patient tries to accommodate the pain — they’ll start limping, usually at the end of the day, when they’re tired, or they’ll develop difficulty putting on shoes and socks.” Sometimes family members are the first ones to notice a problem.

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Bruce’s life had been marked by health and financial troubles. In the late 1970s he struggled with drug addiction, and worked as a session musician to make money. In 2003 he was diagnosed with liver cancer, and that September he underwent a transplant. His body initially rejected the new liver, and Bruce almost died, but he recovered well enough to return to performance in 2004.

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Davis Love III described Bishop as a friend and a “great supporter of golf” and said he would not remember his presidency for this incident. Among other things, the PGA joined up with the LPGA Tour to help pay for its oldest major. The Women’s PGA Championship will be sponsored by KPMG, which will use the week to host a major conference for women executives.

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This, along with the classic “we don’t go to Wetherspoons because it’s too expensive” really sums up the difference between student life in London and student life anywhere else in the country. Get over it – London costs a lot

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This makes a lot of sense. A 18 meter long Megalodon could easily eat a bigger whale, even one much larger than it. The size of the whale would have actually made it a more desirable prey, so whales had no reason to grow more and more.

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"The move... follows a wave of alarming anti-democratic measures by Orban that is pushing Hungary even further adrift from Europe," the organizers of "100,000 against the Internet tax" said in a press release.

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Portfolio manager Scott Moore said that he went into October with more than 10 percent of his portfolio in cash, largely as a result of trimming positions after the S&P 500 traded above 2,000 in mid-September. The index closed at 1,927.11 on Wednesday, after falling as low as 1,822 on Oct. 15th, a slide of 7.7 percent from its peak.

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Sports Media 101 sites do not fully support IE6. If you would like to view the site please upgrade your browser. If you must keep IE6 for business or you just can't part with it download another browser. You can run more than one web browser on all computers.

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The Mexican way of life and death, according to Del Toro, is a legacy of pre-Columbian times, from Mayan and Aztec cultures that accepted that blood would be spilt in the natural course of things. “It is unnatural to deny effort, adversity and pain,” he says. “I think we live in a culture that is actually hedging all of it towards comfort and immediacy, things that scare me. All the things that they sell us as a way of life scare me.”

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West Texas Intermediate oil prices displayed volatility throughout thethird quarter of this year and have declined by approximately 20%since the third quarter peak on July 20, 2014. As of October 24, WestTexas Intermediate oil prices were approximately US$81.

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His government's approval rating has slumped to 53 percent, still solid for a Japanese leader, but down 9 points in less than a month, according to an opinion poll on Sunday in the Yomiuri newspaper, Japan's largest.

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Hickox was involuntarily placed in isolation after returning from battling the killer virus on the front lines in Sierra Leone. Her tent is sparse, with an uncomfortable hospital bed, poor lighting and a non-flush toilet.

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Philips said in September that it will spin off its lightingbusiness to expand its higher-margin healthcare and consumerdivisions. Two month earlier, Germany's Osram Licht AG, which also makes LED lights, announced a cost-cuttingplan that included nearly 8,000 job cuts.

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Only in June did the WHO call a meeting of its Global Outbreak Alert committee, and only then, it seems, did WHO Director General Margaret Chan take a long hard look at the situation, telling Bloomberg's news agency last week that she was "very unhappy" at what she had discovered.

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Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, attending her first EU summit and anxious to keep the nation's huge coal mining community on side ahead of Polish elections next year, said Poland had won all the concessions it wanted. "There will be no new burdens," Kopacz said after Friday's deal.

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Japan's currency is trading at around 108 yen to the dollarafter having weakened to as low as 110 yen at the beginning ofthis month. A Reuters Corporate Survey showed in September thatonly one quarter of Japanese firms preferred an exchange rate of105 yen or weaker.

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The Supreme Court's decision earlier this month to allow gay marriages by rejecting appeals from five states seeking to ban them was a landmark in longrunning culture wars, but it passed without much fuss on midterm campaign trails.

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When we asked if the duo ever thought of having an affair during the run of the hit sitcom, Light joked, “Yup,” before explaining why they couldn’t. “No, no because we were both married and we were having such a good time on the show,” she explained.

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Four other young people were brought to Providence Everett medical center, said Chief Medical Officer Joanne Roberts. Three had head wounds and were in "critical" condition, while one considered stable enough to transport was taken to another medical center in Seattle, she said.

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Idzik’s personnel decisions undermined Ryan. He refused to sign a quality cornerback. The Jets are still chasing Sammy Watkins, who had three catches against them Sunday for 157 yards. Idzik’s hand-picked quarterback has regressed and doesn’t look like he will ever be any good.

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Doctors Without Borders said Hickox has not been issued an order of quarantine specifying how long she must be isolated and is being kept in an unheated tent. It urged the "fair and reasonable treatment" of health workers fighting the Ebola outbreak.

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That's not exactly the case. It’s true that as long as he's in office, Obama can veto almost any Republican attempt to roll back his agenda – and as long as Democrats don't get completely swamped, they will still be able to filibuster legislation (though employing these methods of gridlock too frequently could cast Democrats as obstructionists).

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Rather than the handful of exceptional women who took up combatant roles, it was the heroines whose role did not contradict or challenge traditional views of femininity who came to dominate memories of the war.

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The head of the RCMP and a senior official at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service will likely face tough questions from a Senate committee about how Zehaf-Bibeau and another man, Martin Rouleau, 25, both described by police as homegrown radicals were able to kill two soldiers on Canadian soil last week in separate attacks.

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The next hurdle is the same one that Uppsala faced with its new drug. We need to test the idea in practice, sort out all the complications, refine the details. We need an office space, a phone line, a computer, an email address – and someone, an ethical “dragon”, to adopt us and the idea and make it happen. Already, another research team, this time lead by Dr David Stojdl, a world-class scientist in Ottawa, Canada, has come forward with a new proposal for funding, using the dating agency model. This is to develop a new treatment for adult brain cancer. (See box for more details.) We are flying out to Canada next week to see if we can repeat the success of Uppsala.

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The 88-year-old monarch tried her hand at Twitter as she opened a new gallery Friday in central London's Science Museum, taking off a glove to press a tablet screen as 600 guests looked on. The message, "I hope people will enjoy visiting" the exhibition, was sent instantly through the official British monarchy account on the social media website.

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