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An open-air site called Pucuncho 14,300 feet (4,355 meters) above sea level yielded hundreds of tools. The Cuncaicha rock shelter featured two alcoves and likely served as a base camp at 14,700 feet (4,480 meters).

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Two British-Indian brothers who made their fortune in the steel industry have claimed they are in 11th-hour talks with Marussia over a 55 million deal to save the beleaguered team from collapsing into administration.

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Del Toro smiles when I mention the line to him. “Ultimately you walk life side-by-side with death,” he says, “and the Day of the Dead, curiously enough, is about life. It’s an impulse that’s intrinsic to the Mexican character. And when people ask me, what is so Mexican about your films, I say me. Because I’m not a guy that hides the monster: I show it to you with the absolute conviction that it exists. And that’s the way I think we view death. We don’t view it as the end of end all. You say ‘carpe diem’ in Dead Poets Society; we have that in a much more tequila-infused, mariachi-soundtrack kind of way.”

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Patagonia is notorious for having some of the wildest weather on earth, so views of the iconic Torres del Paine massif (it's the inspiration for the logo for outdoor gear brand Patagonia) are a gift. Any of the perspectives from the frosty blue waters of Lake Pehoé will take your breath away, but a 40-minute hike to the Condor Lookout reveals an angle you'll never forget.

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In battles, if you are a general in an army, there are going to be occasions where you have to cut your losses. Over the years, we have fortunately had more successes than failures. Apart from the Virgin Megastores, we have not let things run too long. That was one where I was definitely mistaken, but in other situations we have managed to move quickly.

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Over past decade conservatives have gained more seats in the Assembly of Experts because all candidates are vetted by the Guardian Council, whose most influential members are chosen directly and indirectly by the Supreme Leader.

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That was the central argument of a lecture delivered Thursday night by James Anderson, an education professor at the University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign. The annual lecture, hosted by the American Educational Research Association, focuses on the role of research in understanding educational equality and equity.

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After making it to the back, Champion vomited and complained of trouble breathing. He soon fell unconscious and couldn't be revived. He died from hemorrhagic shock and his autopsy showed extensive internal bleeding.

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"We concluded that an overwhelming proportion of these parents welcomed GPs' screening for overweight, and that children aged five to six years were among the most receptive and least likely to respond negatively," they commented.

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She was canny enough to know that she shouldn’t be smeared by his actions and stand next to her husband while he apologised. And more women should follow her lead, especially in this day and age where wives or girlfriends have proper identities and careers of their own.

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Cuomo said that travelers who had direct contact with someone carrying the Ebola virus will be quarantined, while people who had no direct contact would be "actively monitored by public health officials and, if necessary, quarantined, depending on the facts and circumstances of their particular situation."

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While peer Deutsche Euroshop trades at a premiumof 13 percent to its net asset value, Alstria tradesat a discount of 10 percent and Deutsche Office andDIC Asset trade at a discount of more than 40 percent.

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Among the 43,000-plus at AT&T Park, Perez might have been the person closest to Taveras. He was in tears in the dugout after receiving word that Taveras had died, according to FOX's Erin Andrews. The two had played together for Aguilas Cibaenasof the Dominican Winter League.

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Facing shrinking margins from their traditional businesses,asset managers are under pressure to offer ETFs. Last week,Janus Capital Group announced the acquisition ofexchange-traded fund provider VelocityShares and Reutersexclusively reported last week that Goldman Sachs intalks to buy IndexIQ, another ETF firm [ID: nL2N0SB2NV]. Now,industry executives wonder who will be next.

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But another voter declared his backing for the Opposition Bloc’. “They all promise too much, but I think members of Opposition Bloc’ will do what they say — there’ll be no war — nowhere, especially here. Because there is still fighting going on here,” he said.

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The sticker pages, at the front of the book, are themed. One contains characters from the history plays, another features the tragedies and finally a double page spread of stickers come from Shakespeare’s comedies.

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Some corporations have been issuing new debt to repurchase more of their own stock, which is viewed as a negative for bondholders. In June Fitch downgraded Monsanto's issuer default rating to "A-" from "A" after the company announced a new two year $10 billion share repurchaseprogram. Bond fund managers would rather see the money be invested in activities that boost cash flow and growth, for example.

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Republicans are running strong races against endangered Democratic incumbents in states such as North Carolina, Colorado, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alaska. Republicans are also looking to replace retiring Democrats in Iowa and West Virginia with a GOP lawmaker.

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