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The budget hole disguised by those "fiscal tricks," which include delaying payments from social programs and dipping into Brazil's sovereign wealth fund, could be as large as 2 percent of gross domestic product, BNP Paribas estimated in a recent research report.

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Danesfield, which is 14 miles from the Grade II-listed manor house the Clooneys are said to have bought in the village of Sonning, offers a suitably glamorous backdrop for a film star and his bride.

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"It is a very traumatic experience for four- and five-year-olds when they have to have teeth extracted under general or local anaesthetic. What sort of research are these politicians drawing on? What is the scientific basis for their arguments? I would urge councillors to take account of the consequences of their actions. A reversal of fluoridation will lead to an increase in dental decay. It is as simple as that," he said.

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Since 2005 it's been illegal in Israel to turn off ventilators when a person is dying or has no hope of recovery. The result is that large numbers of patients spend years on life support, many of them unconscious.

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He was expert in the disease. In the days when he appeared healthy, he took his temperature twice a day as the surest means to monitor for a possible emergence of the virus. He is said to have limited his exposure to the public.

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In an hour-long phone call from his home in Indiana, the 60-year-old Bishop, who had only 29 days left on his two-year term when he was dismissed by the PGA's board of directors Oct. 24, related the frustration he had been harboring since U.S. captain Tom Watson had been skewered by Phil Mickelson in the Sunday-night press conference at Gleneagles in late September.

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Food packager Crown Holdings last week completed a $675million seven-year term loan B add-on to its existing loans at325bp over Libor, with an Original Issue Discount (OID) of 99.5and a Libor floor of 0.75bp to back its acquisition of Mexicanpackaging company Empaque.

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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority discourages subway riders from giving money to panhandlers shaking cups and reciting their tales of woe. The NYPD arrests them. That’s because panhandlers make some riders nervous, officials have said.

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While its German and British counterparts have histories dating back over a century, France's Parti socialiste (PS) was only founded in 1971. It has no firm claim to a working class vote that was once the preserve of the Communists but is now increasingly targeted by the far-right National Front.

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Due to his conversion, the star didn’t put out a pop album for 28 years, until 2006’s beautiful “An Other Cup.” In the meantime, Islam released albums of children's music. "Since I started having children that became important to me," he says.

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Bakke and her boyfriend were at the game with Kittmerman and his son, Jarod. She said the father and son had never been to a game, so they got extra tickets for them. Kittterman was a passenger in the car they took to drive down to Denver from Kremmling, which is about two hours from the Broncos’ Sports Authority Field.

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Hazan said the findings backed up a suspicion he already had. “I looked around at friends in Israel and the US and I noticed those who juggle careers, work very hard and earn enough money seem to have more kids,” Hazan said. “Then you go through the data and you find it is true.”

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The head of the RCMP and a senior official at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service will likely face tough questions from a Senate committee about how Zehaf-Bibeau and another man, Martin Rouleau, 25, both described by police as homegrown radicals were able to kill two soldiers on Canadian soil last week in separate attacks.

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Kevin Harvick talks to his crew in the garage as he waits for practice to begin for Sunday's Sprint Cup Series auto race at Martinsville Speedway in Martinsville, Va., Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

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Not accustomed to rejection, John tried to make sense of why anyone would choose a struggling young actor with a pretentious name like Bradley Whitford over him. Not that he lacked for female companionship. Littell recalled the day six-foot-tall Sports Illustrated cover model Ashley Richardson showed up at their 86th Street apartment looking for John, wearing nothing but a mink coat and Prada booties. On another occasion during this period between serious girlfriends, John failed to hang up the phone properly when he was in bed with one girl, giving an earful of noisy sex to another. The girl on the phone remained on the line long enough to scream at John, but forgave him the very next day.

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Mr McLeish said the Labour Party's understanding of Scottish politics was "very close to nil" and demanded the next Scottish leader be "totally responsible for everything that happens in Scotland, including the selection of candidates for Holyrood and Westminster."

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I emailed Julian Savulescu, who is Professor of Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Medical Ethics, ranked by Google Scholar, a search engine of academic research, as the world’s leading journal in bioethics.

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However, she gave no clear indication of any impendingchanges to the heavy-handed economic policies that havealienated many investors since she took office in 2011, limitingherself to a pledge to seek to restore growth.

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Three smaller acquisition deals - a $340 million deal forAMAG Pharmaceuticals, a $116 million deal for healthcaretechnology company ABILITY Network and a $225 million loan forBlock Communications - also launched.

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Santa and Mrs. Claus, with the help of the West Jordan Fire Department, took Ethan for a spin on a fire truck. Carolers acted out the nativity and then the family went on a hayride around the neighborhood to see the decorations. A local radio station played even Christmas music to spread the holiday spirit.

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These seniors account for 706,000 households in the United States - small compared to the 22 million households with non-seniors who hold student load debt, but a growing problem. People over 65 also defaulted on their student loan debt at a much higher rate than other segments of the population, says Charles Jeszeck, author of the GAO report.

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At 1040, Madonna stepped off the elevator and signed the guestbook “Mrs. Sean Penn” (technically, she still was). Not surprisingly, Jackie was anything but thrilled with this particular liaison. There were many things about Madonna that rubbed Jackie the wrong way, not the least of which was her habit of thumbing her nose at Roman Catholic rituals. Madonna’s use of crucifixes and other Catholic images was deemed sacrilegious by the Vatican, and across the globe she was being condemned as a heretic. Nor did it help when Jackie picked up a copy of Life only to see Madonna dolled up as Marilyn on the cover. “I imagine it was all hitting a bit close to home,” Vidal said. ...

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Or you can use it to postpone dealing with something unpleasant, such as when someone questions the wisdom of what someone else says. "Once that phrase gets pulled [in a] meeting, the glaring disagreement is kicked along to be dealt with later," said one reader.

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The genetic test kit gives a simple colour output, turning the paper from yellow to purple, with the change visible within half an hour. By changing the input trigger, variants of the test could be used to reveal antibiotic resistance genes in bacterial infections or biomarkers of other disease conditions.

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"Some users reported being able to exchange their iPhone 6 and 6 Plus after returning it to an Apple Store. However an equal number were also turned down for a replacement and told they will have to pay for it.

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Given the large number of military maritime gravesaround the world, the Ministry of Defence does indeed have a vast job on its hands. There are 60 wrecks designated under the Protection of Military Remains Act, 12 of which are 'controlled' - meaning that diving them is strictly prohibited - and 58 which have the lesser designation of "protected", including the Repulse. These sites can be dived under a "look but don't touch" policy.

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"We identified five common serious conditions that were reported by carers including a ‘longstanding illness, condition or disability', diagnosed asthma or asthma symptoms, diagnosed eczema / skin allergy, sight problems that required correction and hearing problems that required correction," noted IPH director of research, Prof Kevin Balanda.

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According to the report, one in six three-year-olds - 11,000 children - are affected by these conditions, with asthma or asthma symptoms the most prevalent (6,600 children). Over 4,000 three-year-olds have ever had a sight problem that required correction, while 2,800 have diagnosed eczema/skin allergy.

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The company was founded in 1992 by Paris Natar, who sold his controlling stake in the business to Barclays Private Equity in a deal worth 85m in 2007. Four years later, Barclays took steps to shed non-core assets and sold its private equity arm in a management buy-out which re-launched as Equistone. Just two years later Equistone lost control of the business as it grappled with expensive debts and offloaded Gardman in a debt-for-equity swap to a consortium led by Goldman Sachs, TPG and backed by lending banks Barclays and Lloyds.

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And in a July 14 presentation to the Allergan board,Allergan's bankers at Goldman Sachs and Merrill highlighted thefall in Valeant's share price - to below its levels precedingthe Allergan offer - as a sign of the success of Allergan'stactics.

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