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But other women, especially those close to the front lines, took on roles that challenged social expectations about the roles and duties of men and women. Some took up arms, becoming 'she-soldiers'. The name was given in previous centuries to women who dressed up as men in military uniforms and who were popular characters in ballads and folk-tales.

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Over the years that she has worked privately and for the NHS, Dr Nargund has seen a shift in attitude across the UK regarding women seeking to become single mothers via fertility treatments.

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The two cuts make a fascinating connection between American blues and the music of northwest Africa. "A lot of the bendy notes of blues are very similar to Arabic music," says Islam. "And a lot of the American slaves came from the west side of Africa. So there's that connection."

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This is only half the story, but business writers don’t know the other half because they don’t work hard to uncover stories. If they did, they’d know that for months now Amazon has been pressuring its small business partners–the third-party retailers and e-book authors–with increased fees and forced pricing structures that yield lower margins to the sellers but more money to Amazon. In short, Amazon is squeezing its small partners while Bezos puts his feet up with the Wall Street moneymen and tells them he’s not worried about profits, he’s all about innovation. If he’s not worried about profits, why is he constantly pressuring the little people, while continuing to kiss the behinds of the big people? He’s a phony and a con man, something I caught onto 12 years ago and the rest of the investment world is just figuring out. Once again, I’m at least a decade ahead.

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The legal action related to getting an order to allow Miss Y to undergo an abortion under the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Act. A previous court order had been obtained to allow the woman to be hydrated.

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The series' star was Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, one of four daughters of June Shannon from rural McIntyre, Georgia. "Honey Boo Boo" earned her own series after attracting attention in the TLC show "Toddlers & Tiaras," and is known for coining catchphrases like "a dolla makes me holla." She's 9 years old.

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While Mr Shaw and the recreational divers who have visited both ships do not enter the wrecks, it is likely that blasting the bottoms out of the vessels will expose the remains of their crews. Some 508 officers and men went down with HMS Repulse, while a further 327 were killed aboard HMS Prince of Wales, which sank just a few miles away.

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Six years ago, the “Piano Man” signed with a publisher to tell his life story, with ghost help from veteran music writer Fred Schruers. Deep into the process, Joel pulled out, due to worries over how personal and probing the book might become. Even so, he allowed Schruers to finish the tome on his own, drawing on approximately 100 hours of interviews he already granted him.

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The star's return to pop styles has been greeted openly by many. He successfully toured Europe, starting in 2009, playing the old hits as well as strong new songs. He means the title of his current tour — “Peace Train — Late Again” — to work as a fun apology for taking so long to return to the States.

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In the entrance of the little church of St Philip in Vic hang two portraits of recently beatified members of the Oratorian congregation (which runs this church): one is John Henry Newman, the other Salvi Huix, a chubby-faced man. He was a product of the esteemed seminary of Vic and was bishop of Lerida, quite a dull city inland. In 1936 he was murdered for being a bishop, which certainly counts as martyrdom. He was beatified last year by Pope Francis.

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Drones, which are officially known as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), range in size from small craft operated by enthusiasts, TV companies, police forces and surveyors and weighing a few kilograms, to larger military devices.

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Weak lending has been one of the main impediments to growthas European companies rely mostly on funding from banks, whichhave been reluctant to hand out credit as they adapt to stricterregulation and went through the ECB's landmark asset review.

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Spyker said it was in sale talks with Youngman in December2011 when a GM spokesman made statements suggesting that consentwould not be provided, and that a sale might hurt GM. Youngmansaid it decided to back out "due to GM's position."

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In an early reaction to the vote, Russia's foreign ministry said the election offered a chance for peace in its east but that a high number of "nationalists" in the chamber could undermine the process, RIA news agency reported.

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It took 150 years after his death for him to be beatified (the last step before canonisation). This was done by Pope Pius VI, who himself died a prisoner of Napoleon. Sant Miquel was canonised in 1862 by Pope Pius IX, who had begun with a reputation as a liberal but became progressively identified with the forces of conservatism.

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A wildcard at the Spanish indoor hardcourt event, which he won in 2009, 10th-ranked Murray is eighth in the race to secure a spot at the season-ending tournament in London and will play unseeded Spaniard Tommy Robredo in Sunday's showpiece.

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In China many institutions are taking the climate more seriously than before and the travelling group from Britain's Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) will meet officials from the Chinese government's economic research agency in a workshop on low-carbon buildings.

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"The brilliant figures for Radio 6 Music shows the network continues to go from strength to strength, cementing its position in the digital space," said Bob Shennan, controller Radio 2, 6 Music, Asian Network and director, BBC Music.

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In battles, if you are a general in an army, there are going to be occasions where you have to cut your losses. Over the years, we have fortunately had more successes than failures. Apart from the Virgin Megastores, we have not let things run too long. That was one where I was definitely mistaken, but in other situations we have managed to move quickly.

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It appears he was killed during US raids targeting the leadership of a group called Khorasan, a previously unknown affiliate of al-Qaeda which Washington claims was planning to attack targets in the west.

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HS2 chairman Sir David Higgins has been talking to Adam Parsons, who asked whether an HS4 railway is on the cards. "Ultimately the network needs to be able to get through to Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow and be part of the plan," said Sir David. "A combination of upgrading existing network plus new line. Not all of it has to be new."

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If she had ebola, I’m sure she and the critical public will be praising the city for the quarantine policy. If somebody refuses the quarantine and later on found to be infected, we should sue that person because she/he clearly endangered the public.

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Drugmakers are racing to develop vaccines and drugs to address the worst outbreak of Ebola in history. It's unclear who will pay for their products, but companies are betting that governments and aid groups will foot the bill.

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More recently, the European Banking Authority declared that the banks’ response to the cap – the use of so-called “role-based allowances” – constituted a breach of the bonus rules.

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Critics had blamed Ennahda's government with two smaller secular partners for mismanaging the economy, for inexperience and for laxity with hardline Islamists. Its government was forced to step down after a crisis over the murder of two opposition leaders last year.After overcoming the deadlock that threatened to sink its new democracy, Tunisia approved a new constitution at the start of the year and won praise as a model for a region struggling with chaos and violence.

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Wolff struck to the heart of the matter for the rationale behind double points. “I would be very surprised if the audiences weren’t larger than they would normally be,” the Austrian said. More worryingly, he joked that one of his drivers will be in need of “psychological treatment” should double points play a decisive role.

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However, banks will have to hold more capital to reflect the ECB's assessment of their likely future losses as asset values fall to what the ECB believes they are now. This will leave banks with less flexibility to expand, lend or pay dividends.

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The recall notices have been ongoing for the past 18 months, but regulators and car manufacturers have warned that only a small percentage of those cars potentially affected have been returned and inspected.

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Is there a property bubble in China? One of the figures that is most often quoted is the 6.6bn tonnes of cement used in China between 2011 and 2013. That compares with 4.5bn tonnes in the US in the whole of the 20th century. As ever with scarcely believable comparisons like this, it is worth delving a bit deeper.

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The news of the review emerged days after Toyota Motor Corp recalled 247,000 vehicles in the United States because of potentially defective Takata air bags that can rupture and spray metal shrapnel at occupants.

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