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Officials created a complex network of regional authorities. British officers and locally recruited "native agents" in Bahrain, Muscat, Sharjah and other towns reported to a British ambassador known as the Resident, based for most of this period in the Persian port of Bushire or Busheer (now Bushehr in Iran).

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By now Madrid were in total ascendancy. With Barca obliged to press, the home side looked ever more effervescent on the break: Benzema, Kroos and Ronaldo way too powerful to be checked by a tiring Iniesta and Sergio Busquets. Within a couple of minutes of the third goal, Suz was replaced, his debut sapping away as he made way for Pedro. It was at that point that Barcelona effectively surrendered. As the game petered out, as Madrid played keep ball, as the fans pointedly sang “Viva Espana” to tease the would-be separatists in the away section, Suz could only watch from the bench. “I’m happy to be back playing, it’s a big relief and I’m happy that the time has passed,” said the debutant. “It’s a bittersweet feeling because of the result. They played well on the counter after we went ahead and they killed the game.” After that, he will now be aware that even company as preeminent as he mixes in these days is not enough to prevail in a competition as effervescent as this.

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It was in the third goal scored on the hour that the new balance of Spanish power was most marked. Barca had just won a corner. An exhausted, possibly not yet entirely fit, Xavi went over to take it. Before he could, he was replaced by the substitute Ivan Rakitic.

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And it’s no great surprise that women coming back to work (especially, but not only, those who have young families) would be unwilling to accept the same daily grind of long hours that faced them at the start of their career.

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Meanwhile, the National Association of Broadcasters contended the delays were not associated with the legal challenge. “We reject suggestions that our narrowly-focused lawsuit is cause for delay. We look forward to a speedy resolution of our legal challenge and a successful auction,” explained the U.S. lobby group.

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And while the classical techniques of yoga date back more than 5,000 years, a worldwide survey of more than 3,000 fitness professionals published this month by the American College of Sports Medicine rated it number seven among the top 10 fitness trends for 2015.

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Lee has said he issued an evacuation order for passengers. But he initially told reporters days after his arrest that he withheld the evacuation order because rescuers had yet to arrive and he feared for the passengers' safety in the cold, swift waters.

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The Rolling Stones kicked off their Australian tour in Adelaide last night with an apology, as they finally appeared in the Australian city seven months after they were originally scheduled.

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Al Titterington, Managing Director, Newquay Cornwall Airport commented “Gatwick has been the backbone of the Airport’s route network for a number of years and it is has been extremely important for us to secure its continuation under the Public Service Obligation. A year round daily return service is vital for the Cornish economy and this announcement can give confidence to those using the airport and this important service.

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According to the ICS, the Government made a promise to extend screening to this age group during 2014, but later decided to defer this. One in 10 of all breast cancers occur in the 65-69 age group and at least 87 lives are being lost every year as a result of this decision, it insisted.

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After an unusually busy first half of the year that saw the online retailer spend on developing everything from mobile phones and Hollywood-style production to grocery deliveries, investors were ready to see it curtail its ambitions and start delivering sustainable profits.

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The teacher is said to have become rapidly radicalised from living an ordinary Western lifestyle to becoming someone determined to fight in the Middle East, having changed his appearance and behaviour from August 2013.

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Meanwhile, the study also found that if the mother had been overweight prior to getting pregnant, and also developed gestational diabetes, the child was 5.5 times more likely to be overweight than her peers.

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But what's the point? If you actually get on with the person you're trying to impress, claiming to have spent Saturday night in Fabric with Dave Benson Philips will ultimately backfire. Your guff will burst into flames at the precise moment when the two of you become genuine friends and they see that you actually spend your Friday evenings alone in your flat, using a Sharpie to colour in a stain on your favourite pair of black trousers.

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Medical professionals note that Ebola is extremely difficult to catch. It is spread through direct contact with bodily fluids from an infected person and is not transmitted by people who are not showing symptoms.

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OUR taxpayer dollars hard at work for BIG business. ” The healthcare industry has been resistant in the past to approaches from Silicon Valley. But federal legislation such as the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health – which sets aside billions of dollars in incentives to spur the adoption of electronic health systems – may turn the tide.” Wonder if they are required to maintain the systems and provide TRUE security from hackers. No money in that so probably not.

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An ideas festival at Cambridge University this weekend will look at how new "religious movements", such as Jediism, the Indigo Children and Wicca, have expanded online. And in the case of Jedis, how they have developed ever-more complex doctrines and scriptures.

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Miss Stead has since joined commercial fraud protection service Cifas, which for 12 a year adds extra security measures to her online banking. "I have to jump through an additional 20 security questions whenever I bank online, but it's worth it for peace of mind," she said.

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Powerful interests like the Finance Ministry, the Bank of Japan and major corporations want Abe to raise the tax as planned next year to keep Japan's promise to reduce the biggest debt burden in the industrial world. But the economic and political environment is making it harder for Abe to make unpopular policy choices.

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McConaughey, 44, takes the lead in "Interstellar," out in theaters on Nov. 7, the latest film by "Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan that McConaughey called "as enormous as anything that's been put on the screen."

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A crowd of parents waited in the parking lot outside a nearby church where they were being reunited with their children. Buses pulled up periodically to drop off students evacuated from the school, with some running to hug their mothers or fathers. Some parents were sent back to their cars to get their identifications before they could leave with their children.

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This undated product image provided by the Mayo Clinic shows the Cologuard test. The test is the first to look for cancer-related DNA in stool, and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration last month. It will be offered by prescription at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, where it was developed, and soon nationwide. (AP Photo/Mayo Clinic)/Mayo Clinic

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The Adelaide-born 19-year-old tore up Royal Melbourne's famed sandbelt course to upstage a field dripping with Asian talent, including China's Guan Tianlang, who won the 2012 event to become Augusta's youngest ever qualifier at the age of 14.

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“Pencils of Promise was not expecting Ariana to be in attendance at the gala,” according to a statement from event reps Sunshine Sachs PR, which contradicts what they’d written on invites. “She was indeed invited, along with many other celebrities. We apologize for any confusion.” However, an email sent by the same firm on Oct. 16, stated Grande’s name among the expected guests. Grande’s reps declined to comment.

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A bystander, a 29-year-old woman was hit in the lower back by a stray bullet when police opened fire on the attacker. She was recovering from surgery, police said. De Blasio said she was in critical but stable condition Friday.

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Oklahoma District Court Judge Robert Stuart turned down a request by abortion rights groups to halt the measure from taking effect. Stuart also allowed a provision that would limit liability claims against physicians due to the law.

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The incident began in the parking lot of a Motel 6, when veteran Sacramento Deputy Danny Oliver, 47, approached a vehicle considered to be suspicious, said Sacramento County Sheriff Lieutenant R.L. Davis.

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We all get that by now, we do. We know the official narrative on Ebola and how the medical experts and the government say it is transmitted — by direct contact with bodily fluids — the way we know the code numbers for our bank accounts, even though nobody in this world is even sure at this point just where this virus is originating.

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The storage facility is a few blocks from the neighborhood's crowded oceanfront promenade lined with vendors, performers and artists, and well-viewed Southern California hangouts such as Muscle Beach.

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“That’s ultimately what has been letting us down, along with our discipline. We have been coughing the ball up far too much. If we get that right we will be reaching our potential.”

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