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I’m a lot less bothered by Mr Snow’s obvious, in your face, that’s-why-you’re-watching-me bias than I am by the BBC’s, which makes claims for its news as something altogether more elevated.

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Filling a gap in federal law, Schneiderman persuaded the state’s gun show operators to voluntarily run background checks on all purchasers — helping to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of convicted felons and others who shouldn’t have them.

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Eating disorders refer to a number of illnesses that are characterised by disordered eating patterns and negative thought processes about body weight and shape, that become deeply ingrained in a person.

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Simon Stevens, the new chief executive of NHS England, has kept a low profile in his first six months in the job. He clearly wanted to craft a concise vision for the NHS which would make people sit up and take notice.

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The companies have traded barbs throughout the takeover battle, and Valeant has said that Allergen has made misleading statements about Valeant's businesses, including Bausch Lomb, which Valeant acquired last year.

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"Jaylen was always outgoing, an athlete," Brandon Hatch, a 26-year-old cousin, said, adding that there was no indication of trouble between the cousins before the incident. "He was a funny guy at times, too, a jokester."

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New Jersey's health department said Hickox showed a feversoon after being quarantined at the airport and was taken toUniversity Hospital in Newark. A preliminary test for Ebola wasnegative for the disease.

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The boy, who arrived in the United States on Saturday, had a 103 degree Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius) fever, ABC News reported. He has not been tested for the virus and was not under quarantine, ABC said, citing New York City health department officials.

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Knightley, who was nominated for a best actress Oscar in 2006 for her performance in "Pride & Prejudice," will begin previews of the play commissioned by Roundabout Theatre Company next year on Oct. 1, with the official opening set for Oct. 29.

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Despite there being a limited list of 21 items that both sides can export, intra-Kashmiri trade has grown to $89m (56m) a year according to the US based foreign policy website, the International Policy Digest.

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“When you remove large sharks, then small sharks are very abundant and they consume more of the invertebrates that we humans eat,” Pimiento said. “Recent estimations show that large-bodied, shallow-water species of sharks are at greatest risk among marine animals, and the overall risk of shark extinction is substantially higher than for most other vertebrates.”

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Corden, a Tony Award-winning 36-year-old British actor, will replace Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson, who will leave the late-night show in December. Corden will also play one of the leading roles in Disney's December musical movie "Into the Woods."

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In recent decades, Kurds have increasingly influenced regional developments, fighting for autonomy in Turkey and playing prominent roles in the conflicts in Iraq and Syria, where they have resisted the advance of the jihadist group, Islamic State (IS).

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Xiaomi, whose low-priced but feature-rich smartphones have made it the biggest smartphone vendor in China, entered India this year with plans to invest heavily to secure rapid growth in the world's third-largest smartphone market.

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Janet Babb, a geologist and spokeswoman for the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, said methane explosions also have been going off. She said decomposing vegetation produces methane gas that can travel subsurface beyond the lava front in different directions, accumulating in pockets that can ignite. She said it was a bit unnerving to hear all the blasts on Saturday.

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So you’re allergic to onions? Really? If you want something left out of your dish, just ask politely for it to be left out; or better yet, order something that you’re willing to eat without demanding that the kitchen make endless substitutions.

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“The process played out exactly as the protocol dictated,” De Blasio said at a news conference, repeatedly reminding New Yorkers that Ebola is spread through direct contact with bodily fluids and is not airborne.

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Most of the packages were discovered on Friday. The package at the Hungarian consulate is believed to have been sent at the same time as the others but was not opened until Monday morning as the mission was unstaffed over the weekend, the governor's office said.

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The consulates of Canada, Belgium, Germany, France and the United States were sent envelopes containing suspicious yellow power on Friday. Authorities said the Hungarian Consulate in Istanbul received a similar package Monday.

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Ryan’s program has grown stale. Idzik’s personnel decisions have undermined him. As much as Johnson loves Ryan and has supported Idzik, and as valuable as it is to have continuity in the NFL, it does no good if the wrong people are sitting in the most important offices.

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"Hopefully that fight will happen by next year," he said. "I'm crossing my fingers that that fight will happen but right now my mind is already set to focus on my next fight with Algieri. I think the time to talk about that issue is after the fight."

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Don't ever forget why you do what you do. It'seasy to become carried away by the hype and glamour of your company's publicity and marketing tactics. Remain true to your craft and actually sell services or products that people need. An entrepreneur has to eat -- seriously.

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The sell-off may be contained in the next few days, however,if Rousseff signals she will tweak economic policy to boostBrazil's flagging economy, as hinted in a conciliatory firstspeech she gave after re-elected on Sunday.

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Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said he had written to Ms Woolf and would consider recalling her for questioning if she fails to explain why the alleged meeting did not make her official account.

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This calculator will show you just how long it's going to take you to clear your credit card balance if you don't wake up, face reality, stop paying the bare minimum and start clearing this punitive form of debt.

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Brennan’s concerns mirror those of other government and military officials, active and retired, who spoke with U.S. News about the continued dangers posed by Iran’s active and increasingly overt involvement in Iraq.

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President Petro Poroshenko has set up his own bloc, which leads the polls, but he wants to win big to avoid the struggles with parliament that plagued previous presidents. But he also has potential allies - most of the other parties are patriotic and pro-European. Civic Platform and Self-Help are the activists' favourites. Fatherland is the party of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, released from jail with the fall of Viktor Yanukovych in February.

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Tonight, the real thing performed on the results show, and demonstrated perfectly what he has that so many X Factor wannabes lack: actual talent. While he might not be the most exciting artist in the charts right now, his ballad Thinking Out Loud was sung much more convincingly than anything we saw on last night’s live show. Ed also summed up the thoughts of most viewers when, on the subject of hot favourite Andrea Faustini, he said: “I want to hug him every time I see him”.

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The two countries have sought to patch up ties since their long-running row erupted in May, triggered by China's deployment a drilling rig in waters claimed by the communist neighbors, which lead to confrontation at sea between rival vessels and violent anti-Chinese protests in Vietnam.

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Beyoncthe daughter of a hairdresser and an IBM marketing executive, was named the face of international fashion retailer H&M in the summer of 2013 and has also worked with Tommy Hilfiger on a range of fragrances.

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Attempts by Mr Haq to return to Syria were thwarted when he was turned back at the country’s border with Turkey on three occasions. He managed to return in December 2013 however, after being given the all-clear to travel by the police.

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