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Gloria de Piero, the shadow women's minister, wants to see action. She said that all companies above 250 employees should be obliged to undertake an equal pay audit that would be published in the company's annual report.

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Under the revised terms, Williams Partners will merge with asubsidiary of Access Midstream in a unit-for-unit exchange at aratio of 0.86672 common units of Access Midstream for everyWilliams common unit.

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Miss Savchenko, 33, was captured in June while fighting pro-Russian separatists in the east. She was taken to Russia and imprisoned on what she says are fabricated charges of war crimes, before being transferred to a psychiatric unit. The case has made her a national hero in Ukraine, with President Petro Poroshenko joining the calls for her release.

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NASA is spending $1.2 million on a series of three such projects known as Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) to determine the potential pitfalls of sending people together to spend long periods in close quarters on a distant planet.

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Pinsent Masons and the Cebr forecast that China will invest more 43bn into UK energy projects by 2025, while property and transport are expected to attract 36bn and 19bn respectively from the world’s second biggest economy.

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Now more navigable thanks to the receding polar ice, the Passage reappeared in the spotlight last month when an expedition, sponsored by the Canadian government, located HMS Erebus – one of two British ships which vanished, along with explorer John Franklin and his team, in this icy zone in 1845.

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Our Spotlight units plug content our journalists have made, that our advertisers want to promote. Sometimes the promotion is paid for, but the content they go to is always independent with no client oversight or approval.

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Investors have generally disliked Rousseff's interventionistmanagement of state-run companies and other sectors of theeconomy, but some traders think her re-election is alreadypriced in as the real has fallen nearly 10 percent sinceearly September. (Editing by Eric Meijer)

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The official also says that further action is possible involving air bag inflators made by Takata Corp. The inflators can rupture, ejecting shrapnel in a crash. Recalls have been limited to vehicles registered in regions with high humidity, but millions more could be affected if recalls are extended nationwide.

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Salamander is currently talking with both parties and is "seeking to clarify" terms of Ophir's conditional proposal. It has not received any detail at all from the Spanish-led consortium, or, indeed, if any offer will be forthcoming.

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On Thursday, Bloomberg contributed $85,000 to the Yes on Measure D committee for door-to-door canvassing. That contribution added to the $280,000 the campaign took in from other sources as of Oct. 18, the latest date covered by campaign finance filings. As of that date, the Yes on Measure D campaign had spent $273,000.

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Germany continues to rebuff suggestions that it should use a little of its current account surplus up by increasing public spending to give its own economy, and that of the wider euro zone, a lift.Berlin insists it will balance its budget next year for the first time since 1969 despite the fact it is flirting with recession.

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Hamisa remembers fleeing her village in 2003 "carrying one of my grandchildren on my back" when it came under attack. "We hid in the mountains and when the 'pow pow' [guns] were silent, I came back to the village and helped to bury some of the dead." It took the villagers four days to reach the Hamadia camp. "I never thought I'd be here for 11 years [and] never to see my village again. When you look at me now, you see an old lady, and because I'm old I can speak my mind, and I ask world leaders to bring back peace to this land, for the sake of our children."

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The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to delay an auction of low-frequency airwaves, as part of the “incentive” auction. Originally slated to take place in mid-2015, the auction will now be postponed to early 2016. In a recent blog post, an official for the federal organization said the postponement stemmed from a court challenge.

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In 2010, Samsung Group identified LED, rechargeable cellsfor hybrid electric cars, solar cells, medical devices andbiopharmaceuticals as new growth drivers for the conglomerateand tipped them to generate 50 trillion won ($47.5 billion) inannual revenues by 2020 for its affiliates.

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Bath’s European campaign is all but over after just two matches and two losses. England’s brightest side this season have found the step up just too much after an exhausting start to the Aviva Premiership season and will be free to concentrate on the league, where they have so glittered so far.

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But as CurrentC is set to be a direct competitor to Apple's service, it seems pretty obvious that these retailers are keeping Apple from encroaching on its own plans, even if QR-based payments don't sound like a great idea to us.

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Reacting to his statement, an internet poster named Carmel Lee Barros wrote: "Very disappointing and cowardly of you to offer this pathetic clarity. It comes across as if you are protecting your own capitalistic income and your own brand."

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Seven years on and besides moving house, life has not changed much for Haja. "I look after my grandchildren while my daughter looks for casual work in the town - washing dishes or ironing clothes," she says. Horan is now attending a Koranic school. The older grandchildren go to other schools in the camps. There is now a whole generation of children who have known nothing except camp life.

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Oregon forced a fumble by Goff deep in Cal territory to set up Aidan Schneider's 24-yard field goal in the first half. Oregon also stopped the Bears on fourth-and-1 near midfield, and Mariota capitalized with a 9-yard touchdown pass Pharaoh Brown.

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So why don’t we save billions of pounds a year by following the example of the countries that use that heat to warm buildings? In Denmark nearly half of its buildings are kept warm by “combined heat and power”, or CHP, piping heat from power stations to whole districts of towns and cities.

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“If they’d offered me Darcy in ”Pride and Prejudice’ I'd have said no,” Rhys says. “I was in college with Matthew Macfadyen (who played Darcy in the 2005 movie version) and I saw how he was constantly compared to Colin.

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“Often, parents struggle to help with children’s maths homework because the method of teaching – for long division, subtraction etc – has changed. The Maths Factor sets out to specifically help parents, so parents can preview the next lesson for their child.

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Painting a brighter picture than had been expected, the ECB found the biggest problems in Italy, Cyprus and Greece but concluded that banks' capital holes had since chiefly been plugged, leaving only a modest 10 billion euros ($12.7 billion) to be raised.

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He may have become United's club record signing when arriving from Chelsea in January - touching down at the Carrington training ground in a helicopter like a saviour from above - but the 37.1m has not been money well spent by David Moyes.

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“We’re glad the spacecraft came through, we’re excited to complete our observations of how the comet affects Mars, and we’re eager to get to our primary science phase,” said MAVEN principal investigator Bruce Jakosky.

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Shares in the aforementioned Monte dei Paschi bank, which fared worst in the "stress tests" administered by European authorities, have plummeted by 15%. Tough times for the Italian institution, which has been around since 1472, and was founded for the purpose of granting loans to "poor or miserable or needy persons".

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"Don't think such a good man as Senzo can go and vanish. His spirit will live," Shakes Mashaba, coach of the Bafana Bafana national side, said, tears streaming down his cheeks and his voice quavering with emotion. "He would always be the leader."

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In a document entitled "Reform of anti-social behaviour powers: Japanese Knotweed and other invasive non-native plants", the Home Office explains how legislation passed this year applies to such problems.

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As an analyst at stock broker Oriel Securities said last week in response to the company's interim management statement, land for development is scarce, so pushing up rents, and a far stronger balance sheet means Segro is now in a position to sell good quality assets for land as yet not generating income.

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