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Despite Britain’s economy now standing on two feet, its banks are still trembling under the weight of public disapproval, punishment for past misdeeds, and – most of all – regulation.

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The gallery certainly does show off the role Britain has played, and a number of British companies including BT and the chip designer ARM Holdings have sponsored the Information Age and supplied exhibits. But, as they wander past early computers like the ACE, designed by Alan Turing, visitors may begin to ask themselves a question.

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Not only did Ms Rousseff win more than 70 per cent of the votes in many north-eastern states, she also won 52 per cent in Minas Gerais: an embarrassment for the “mineiro” challenger.

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SEOUL, Oct 27 (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Monday that it will cease its light emittingdiode (LED) lighting business outside of South Korea, scalingback what was identified as a key growth business just fouryears ago.

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The incidents have prompted Harper and his Conservative colleagues to scramble to strengthen anti-terrorism legislation and sparked questions about Canada's culture of openness that allowed anyone to walk freely into the Ottawa parliament building.

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Investor morale has also plummeted recently. Consumersentiment remains a beacon of hope, though, with a GfK surveylast week showing that consumers were more optimistic headinginto November. Germany's private sector also grew faster inOctober as manufacturing rebounded.

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"The ECB's foray into buying corporate bonds could be a signthat the there remains considerable opposition to governmentbond QE within the Governing Council," said Abhishek Singhania,European interest rate strategist at Deutsche Bank. (Editing by Larry King)

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Resistthe urge to panic and sell all of your shares. Althoughmarket movements over the last few weeks may have caused you anxiety, what we’reactually seeing is a return to normal marketconditions.

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The Chinese government has ruled that candidates for the chief executive election must be vetted by a nominating committee dominated by pro-Beijing groups. The protesters say they should be allowed a wholly free choice of candidate.

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While the two nations have long collaborated on intelligence matters, a Canadian official said on Saturday that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service did not share everything it knew about the two men with its U.S. counterparts because of a 2013 court ruling limiting the transfer of personal data on Canadian citizens.

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Then Hull finally had what they had waited 45 minutes for – a corner against a team with a set-piece allergy. Ben Arfa stepped forward, the Kop held its breath, and the Frenchman played it short. There might be more brainless decisions this weekend, but that will definitely be in the shortlist. It would be Hull’s only corner.

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The Downs themselves may be the star turn hereabouts, but the Sussex Weald below has its own enchantments. This walk is a delightful mix of woodland and rolling meadowland including a short stretch up on to the Downs themselves for some sensational views north from Black Cap. Tucked away off the beaten-track, the Jolly Sportsman is a gastropub that excels at both pub and gastro elements.

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Cedar Parker, a 17-year-old senior, told The Associated Press he was driving away from the campus for lunch when he saw students running from the school and trying to jump a fence. Parker let several of them in his car. He heard other students yelling for their friends: "Where are you?"

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"They got on the bus for one thing and that is to break the law," Ashton said at a recent hearing. "The jury has to understand this wasn't an isolated incident, that these four defendants knew what they were doing and that they were breaking the law."

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** British oil and gas explorer Salamander Energy Plc, which operates in Indonesia and Thailand, said it hadreceived a conditional proposal from Ophir Energy Plc and that it was seeking to clarify details of the potentialoffer.

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North's power saw him take two defenders over the line to complete his treble and Myler converted, as he would do the final score, but with time fast running out Saints were increasingly worried they were going to miss out on a bonus point.

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“For new message leadership, Obama also should look outside politics (example: Starbucks executive Kris Engskov was a junior media aide in the Clinton White House) and outside his party (Republicans devoted as much to service as to ideology do exist, people like Rich Galen and Dan Bartlett).”

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They will target England and Wales as their two toughest matches, but I do think it is a good time for England to play them. They will have got enough out of the summer tour to know they can win, but my big advice to them will be not try to play like New Zealand, understand where they will challenge you, but be prepared to play an 'English’ game which reflects what has been evolving over the past two years on and off the field.

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Mrs Gonzz Durez contributed a red Zara dress she wore to last year’s Lib Dem conference. “I wore this to a speech where I asked Nick whether men who treat women as equals have more 'cojones’,” she says in the accompanying notes. “I also wear it often, under a jacket, at work, especially on business trips,” she said.

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FRP Advisory, a London-based firm, has taken on the role of administrator and says Russian billionaire shareholder Andrei Cheglakov has been unable to provide the required funding to secure the team’s future.

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The virus spread from Guinea, which borders both nations. It has been far more effective in containing the outbreak because it has more resources and a "more resilient" health system, Mr Sisay says.

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Michelle Mello, professor of law and public health at Harvard University, said courts in such cases seek to balance the level of danger posed by the disease with the likelihood that the individual poses a public threat.

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"Sea pirates attacked and killed three of our men. They wereescorting an Agip (ENI) barge when they were attacked. We haverecovered their bodies and the gunboat," police commissioner forBayelsa state Valentine Ntomchukwu said by telephone.

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo struck a more conciliatory tone on Sunday about the new quarantine policy after the White House said that mandatory isolation could impede the Ebola fight, while an attorney for a nurse who has been quarantined since returning from West Africa said she planned to sue.

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But an NMC panel this week rejected the provisional agreement and ruled that Mrs Owens should face a fresh hearing because the case “although serious, was at the lower end of the scale of misconduct”.

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King and Letestu traded goals in final 11/2 minutes of the second period. Letestu beat Quick high to the glove side with a screened wrist shot from the top of the left circle just 32 seconds after King got his first of the season.

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That geometric presence is both representative of the triumvirate at the core of the Knicks’ hopeful turnaround — Jackson, first-year coach Derek Fisher and incumbent star Carmelo Anthony — and the spacing, ball-sharing system that was the basis for the Zen Master’s 11 coaching titles in Chicago and Los Angeles.

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All of these retailers are part of the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), the collective that's building CurrentC. 7-Eleven, Dunkin' Donuts and Wendy's are also set to support the upcoming Apple rival, though it's not clear whether all of them will do so in place of Apple Pay, or whether some will choose to support both.

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Doctors Without Borders and other aid organizations have argued that mandatory quarantines are unnecessary because people with Ebola aren’t contagious until symptoms begin, and even then it requires close contact with body fluids.

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At least 130 people have been killed in the past 10 days during street fighting in Libya's second-largest city -- part of a wider picture of chaos gripping the major oil producer three years after the downfall and death of Muammar Gaddafi.

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