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With a design that looks straight out of “Men in Black,” the Mo-Fi headphones are surprisingly comfortable given their alien, arachnid-like shape. The Mo-Fi has a built-in amplifier that delivers plenty of heart-stopping volume. They can be used in passive mode, amplified, or enhanced mode (which boosts the bass end). Boisterous, without ever becoming boomy, there's precision in the amplification here. Kick drums are more pronounced and rhythm guitars are more prominent. The Mo-Fi's also include all the accessories you could want, including plugs to fit a variety of airplane armrest jacks and - most appreciated - a long cable so that you can comfortably use them with a stereo system or desktop computer. Too many headphones these days only include a short cord, limiting their use to portable players only.

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The FCC entries aren't particularly revealing, but that's OK since Google has practically given everything you might need to know about the Nexus 6. It borrows the design language of the new Moto X but bumps up the specs, with a 5.9-inch 2560x1440 QHD screen, a 2.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, a 3,220 mAh battery with Turbo Charging, and a 13 megapixel rear camera with an f2.0 aperture lens, optical image stabilization and dual LED flash.

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The election was one of the most dramatic since full democracy returned to Brazil in 1989. One candidate was killed in a plane crash in August, and his replacement then soared into the lead in opinion polls, only to fade in the final days before the first round of voting on Oct. 5.

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His Petro Poroshenko Bloc was forecast to emerge as the biggest party in the 450 seat legislature, although without an absolute majority, meaning he will have to form a coalition, probably with harder-line nationalists.

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He speaks his mind. You see it quite vividly in a piece written by his old friend Charley Rosen on right now, as Jackson analyzes the players on the current Knicks roster one by one. There is nothing remarkable or mind-altering about any of these observations. It is still a remarkable document for someone with a job like the one Jackson holds with the Knicks: President and Chief Operating Savior.

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Commissioner William Bratton said during a press conference that the alleged attacker, Zale Thompson, 32, of Queens, was a “self-radicalized” recent convert to Islam, described by family members as a depressed recluse who spent much of his time on his computer in his bedroom.

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Our Classified websites (Photos, Motors, Jobs and Property Today) use cookies to ensure you get the correct local newspaper branding and content when you visit them. These cookies store no personally identifiable information.

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It’s a sad fact that many common types of cancer have months designated to their awareness. January is for cervical cancer; February is gallbladder and bile duct as well as National Cancer Prevention month; March is colorectal, kidney and multiple Myeloma awareness month (for a complete listing go to www.choosehope.come). You get my drift.

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An IDF spokesman initially told Reuters that forces "managed to prevent an attack when they encountered a Palestinian man hurling a Molotov cocktail at them on the main road. They opened fire and confirmed a hit."

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“I’d always thought radio is something I’d do someday,” says McCarthy. “But when I did it this summer, it was like, ”Oh My God, finally I get to be myself.’ Two hours of total freedom. I haven’t had anything like this in years.

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Our portfolio of term customer contracts provides a base level ofactivity and revenue and, as of October 24, 2014, we had termcontracts in place for an average of 50 rigs in Canada, 63 in theU.S. and 12 internationally for the fourth quarter of 2014 and anaverage of 45 rig contracts in Canada, 57 in the U.S. and 13internationally for the first quarter of 2015. For the full year in2015, we currently have contracts in place for an average of 40 rigsin Canada, 41 in the U.S. and 11 internationally. In Canada, termcontracted rigs normally generate 250 utilization days per yearbecause of the seasonal nature of well site access. In most regionsin the U.S. and internationally, term contracts normally generate 365utilization days per year.

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It is very difficult. It is very, very difficult for us because we don't know what to do either, we just need a response from the international world. To the international world I want to say this: We need, we need help, serious help, emergency.

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This exchange is representative of two calamities in the current Ebola crisis. The first, is the actual outbreak and public health emergency. Then there’s the crisis of perception, exemplified by the hysteria and falsehoods about both Ebola and Africa that has characterized U.S. media coverage.

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Even though many of my ”brothers and sisters’ are now in their late forties and early fifties, they are still trying to come to terms with the atrocious acts inflicted on them when they were at their most vulnerable. When they reached their adult years, some turned to drink or drugs in an attempt to erase all memory of their suffering. A number of tortured souls were unable to look after their own children. A few I know still receive counselling. What we all have in common is that we have been absolutely failed by every institution that had a care of duty to protect us. Among this sorry list includes the social services, local councils, government, police forces and the Crown Prosecution Services.

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Poroshenko's bloc took 23 percent of the votes cast for afield of 29 competing parties, just ahead of the party of hisally, Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk, according to an exit pollissued after voting stations closed in the ex-Soviet republic.

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"Our places of worship are also playing a huge part in all our plans to commemorate the centenary of the First World War, and this fund is helping to ensure they can fulfil this role to remember those who gave so much for us so many years ago."

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Following hours of tests and questioning, Hickox says she was ordered into isolation in an unheated tent outside University Hospital in Newark. She was the first person treated under the new rules in place in Jersey, New York and Illinois to quarantine anyone, including health workers, who have had contact with Ebola victims in Africa for 21 days.

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When I was on the New Left in my youth, we had a saying: “Scratch a liberal and there’s a fascist underneath.” What was meant by that was that “wishy-washy liberals”, as they were known back in the day, could not be trusted to stand by their supposed radical principles when the going got tough. As soon as their own interests and security were under threat, they would abandon the revolutionary cause and revert to bourgeois complacency. Liberals were to be despised, in other words, for not being sufficiently ideological and zealous.

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China's economy is expected to expand 7.4 percent this year, narrowly missing the government's 7.5 percent annual target, as Beijing tries to derive more future growth from consumer demand rather than exports.

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But the story quotes McConnell's financial adviser saying the four trades came at the suggestion of Merrill Lynch, not McConnell. The story said McConnell never spoke to his financial adviser and does not own individual stocks to avoid the appearance of a conflict.

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One official familiar with the matter said a main topic of discussion has been whether some northern border posts which are unmanned - but guarded by electronic sensors and alarms - should now be staffed with live personnel.

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After committing to a $3 billion deal to develop a 5-million-ton copper deposit at Mes Aynak, near Kabul in Logar province, Chinese state-run consortium MCC pulled out its workers last year after they came under Taliban fire. The 2007 contract has since been renegotiated and work has yet to resume.

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The German union Verdi has urged Amazon workers in the country to go on strike, over pay and conditions. The e-commerce giant employs 9,000 warehouse staff in Germany, Reuters reports, plus 14,000 seasonal workers. The union wants assurances that employees will be given healthier working hours as well as holidays and breaks.

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While police have not officially identified the gunman or discussed possible motives, family members told Reuters 14-year-old Jaylen Fryberg was the shooter, and the two male victims were his cousins, Nate Hatch and Andrew Fryberg, ages 14 and 15.

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"The Irish Cancer Society is very disappointed that we have seen inaction on this issue to date and are calling for this life-saving screening service to be extended to women who need it. Women who are 60-69 years old have the second highest incidence of breast cancer and the second highest risk of dying from it. Yet only the 60-64 age group are currently being screened," she added.

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Previous studies have suggested that the timing of an epidural can prolong labour and even increase the risk of needing a caesarean section. Researchers in Singapore decided to look into this further by analysing data relating to early and late epidurals.

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The law would allow sports betting at state-licensed casinos and racetracks. The sports leagues said it violated a federal sports gambling ban and argued they would suffer irreparable harm if the law went into effect.

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However, some critics are still opposed to the health care reform, saying that it would be a disaster despite there being not even a shred of evidence in the data to support their belief. Other critics have decided to keep mum on the issue.

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Euro zone M3 money supply - a more general measure of cashin the economy - grew at an annual pace of 2.5 percent, up from2.1 percent in August. A Reuters poll had pointed to a readingof 2.2 percent.

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"You can hear the roar of a space shuttle launch or Neil Armstrong's "one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind" every time you get a phone call, if you make our sounds your ringtone," the space agency said.

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