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Maybe the end of summer makes you feel less relaxed, or perhaps the anticipation of Halloween is unearthing hidden fears about your investing strategy. Whatever the case, the psychology of investing says you have naturally held cognitive biases that could affect the way you make decisions about your portfolio … whether you realize it or not.

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Tragedy is nothing new for the Cardinals, who have experienced two player deaths in the past 12 years. Pitcher Darryl Kile was found dead in his Chicago hotel room following a heart attack on June 22, 2002, while pitcher Josh Hancock was killed in an alcohol-related car accident on April 29, 2007.

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HP is in the process of contacting private equity firms in a bid to find a suitable local buyer for its networking business, the report states. H3C Technologies is an HP subsidiary that has grown to be China’s top enterprise switch/route vendor over time. HP wants to divest at least a 51% stake in the subsidiary, in a transaction that may fetch over $2.5 billion for the Palo Alto-based tech giant.

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The researchers found that overall, one in four of the patients was depressed. However, they also found that ‘women were more likely to develop anxiety and depression after a heart attack than men'.

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The company was founded in 1992 by Paris Natar, who sold his controlling stake in the business to Barclays Private Equity in a deal worth 85m in 2007. Four years later, Barclays took steps to shed non-core assets and sold its private equity arm in a management buy-out which re-launched as Equistone. Just two years later Equistone lost control of the business as it grappled with expensive debts and offloaded Gardman in a debt-for-equity swap to a consortium led by Goldman Sachs, TPG and backed by lending banks Barclays and Lloyds.

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Gardasil sales fell 11 percent to $590 million in the third quarter due to lower purchases by U.S. government programs, Merck said. That was in stark contrast to the product's 15 percent growth in the prior quarter.

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"We found that obese girls had a nearly six-fold higher risk of hypertension than normal weight girls. In obese boys the risk was more than four times greater than their normal weight counterparts," Prof Schwandt said.

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Karen Pittman, the only actor from the earlier New York production in the cast, is Isaac's self-assured, African-American lawyer wife who is a colleague of Amir's, and Danny Ashok ("Four Lions") plays his young nephew Abe.

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They have benefited from the Workers' Party's rollout of a program that pays a small monthly stipend to one in four Brazilian families, as well as federal housing programs, government-sponsored vocational schools and an expansion of credit to the working class.

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But until now the broader links between university education and women’s fertility rates – and their consequences – had received little scrutiny. “Given the strong correlation between parents’ education and children’s education, an increase in the relative representation of children coming from highly educated families means that the next generation is going to be relatively more educated,” the economists note. “This is good news for growth.”

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Outside observers might ask how serious Valls is, given that his government has just reneged on its latest promises to bring France's public deficit within EU limits and is under pressure from European partners to do more to revamp the French economy.

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Bumgarner won for the fourth time against one loss in this postseason, and this blanking bookended the four-hit shutout he threw at Pittsburgh in the NL wild-card game. Durable, he's thrown 47 2-3 innings this October, trailing just Schilling's 48 1-3 in 2001 for the most in a single postseason, with a 1.13 ERA.

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Sunderland’s supporters had little to get excited about. Their team did not manage a shot on target in the first-half and the biggest cheer came when Adam Johnson beat two Arsenal players with a neat trick. He was closer to the halfway line than Arsenal’s goal, which summed up Sunderland’s lack of offensive threat.

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Shares in Monte dei Paschi were down 17 percent at 0910 GMTafter the "stress test" showed it still had a 2.1 billion eurocapital hole to fill, even after its fundraising efforts thisyear. Italian peer Banca Carige, which also needs tofind capital, slumped 15 percent.

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* UniCredit SpA has started exclusive talks with aconsortium comprising U.S. Fortress Investment Group andItaly's Prelios SpA to sell debt recovery unit UCCMB,a source close to the matter told Reuters on Friday.

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Last month, Eric O’Keefe, a conservative activist and director of the Wisconsin Club for Growth, asked that Chisholm appoint a special prosecutor to look into Chisholm’s secret probe of alleged campaign finance allegations during the 2011 and 2012 recall campaigns. Specifically, Chisholm was looking at whether Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign had improperly coordinated with outside conservative groups such as the Club for Growth.

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"We have let the governors of New York, New Jersey, and others states know that we have concerns with the unintended consequences of policies not grounded in science may have on efforts to combat Ebola at its source in West Africa," the Obama administration official said in a statement.

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“Without her I don’t think I’d be here,” he explained of the Queen, and launched into a story about his childhood in Wallsend, the shipbuilding town in England where “Last Ship” takes place. Back in the day, when the shipping industry was a robust one in the U.K., British royalty used to see new ships off on their first journey out to see, and once, when the Queen paraded through town on her way to the shipyards, young Sting caught the Queen’s eye and she waved at him from her fancy car.

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"Avengers: Age of Ultron" director Joss Whedon knows the power of symbolism — and judging by the visuals from the film's first trailer, next summer's eagerly awaited sequel will be much darker than the 2012 original.

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It could allow Iraqi forces to prevent the Sunni insurgents from edging closer to the capital, sever connections to their strongholds in western Anbar province and stop them infiltrating the mainly Shi'ite Muslim south.

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"If you look at the state of Maranhao in comparison with the other states, we're at least 10 or 15 years behind them," says Luzia Rezende, who heads up Maranhao's Business Association.

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But Neves, a senator and former state governor who enjoyssupport among the upper-middle and wealthy classes, failed toconvince a majority of Brazilians that he had enough new ideasto pull Rousseff from power.

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The attack came just a day after a Canadian soldier was killed outside a war memorial in the country’s capital of Ottawa, an attack also thought to be by one man, who police said was a radicalized follower of Islam. New York police said Thompson had been using the Internet to research terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, ISIS and al-Shabbab, and acts of violence such as beheadings.

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Multitasking Andy McRobbie — teacher, musician, promoter and tour guide — is a big fan of this extraordinary city. “I find something new to excite me every day,” he says, “which is what makes London so special.”

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In June, Prof Essand took the virus back out of the freezer and started setting up a trial, with Dido and Vince both promised access to the drug the second it was ready. Because of all the regulatory delays involved in starting human tests, this could still take several years.

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"To be honest, the tournament had slipped as the tee shot wasn't in play. I had to hit the fairway which would have made it a lot easier but I missed the fairway which made my job a little bit harder."

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He thinks the private sector has a key role to play in the next stage of the country's economic development. He sees private companies as being more international in their outlook, an important attribute as global competition increases.

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"They're using a cash conversion cycle — meaning, they take your money in today when you buy something, but they don't pay their supplier for 75 days. That is what creates cash flow and that's what everyone on the Street looks at," he said. "That's an entirely fallacious way of valuing a company."

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Murray started the second set in identical fashion, forcing Ferrer into long rallies that ended when his backhand failed to pass the net. He needed four chances until he broke Ferrer a third time to build a 3-0 advantage.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Former Secretary of State of State Hillary Rodham Clinton urged North Carolina Democrats on Saturday to work to re-elect Sen. Kay Hagan, stumping for the incumbent in a race that will help decide which party controls the U.S. Senate.

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