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It’s potentially a big ratings day with the three main agencies due to review, collectively, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria and Russia. The latter is likely to be most under threat and it could even have junk status bestowed upon it.Vladimir Putin will take centre stage at the annual Valdai meeting of foreign political analysts who are based abroad with senior Russian officials. It’s a chance for him to hold forth on anything, but likely to focus on Ukraine and the economy.

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The Georgia seat is held by Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss, who is retiring. Republicans need to gain at least six seats to take the majority of the Senate, which Democrats currently control by a margin of 53-45, with two independents.

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Melissa Vance has had to go back to work. Her husband's employer just jacked up the family's deductible from $0 to $5,000. The Columbia, S.C., couple has four children with chronic conditions that require frequent lab work and costly medications.

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Merck narrowed its full-year 2014 profit forecast, excluding special items, to between $3.46 and $3.50 per share, from its earlier view of $3.43 to $3.53 per share. That would reflect flat earnings from the $3.49 per share it earned last year, as the company continues to be hurt by cheaper generic forms of its Singulair asthma drug and Temodar brain cancer treatment.

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Ever since Ukip last May won 24 seats, the Parliament’s Euro-elite – led by its German president Martin Schulz, the arch-federalist once famously compared by Silvio Berlusconi to a Nazi concentration camp commandant – has been longing to cut Mr Farage down to size. Last week Mr Schulz thought his moment had come. When an obscure Latvian MEP was persuaded to defect from Farage’s group, it meant that it no longer included representatives of seven countries, the minimum qualification to be recognised as an official parliamentary group.

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We have many visitors from China to view the first garden city, the only trouble is that it is not fit for purpose in the 21st century which is why they now want to build on green belt land, without improving the infrastructure, all with the blessing of the "in aptly named" Heritage foundation - madness

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"I can’t recall a case in the 20th century where certain states are preparing to quarantine an entire class of people irrespective of their individualized risk," he said. "It just flies in the face of science, ethics and law."

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The musician (whose real name is Wesley Pentz) and Lockhart, who also have a 4-year-old son named Lockett, are not together now, but our source tells us she was likely to have been “newly pregnant” when the Perry rumors first surfaced.

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The retailer’s shares fell heavily on Thursday and resumed their decline on Friday as investors digested action taken by ratings agencies Fitch and Moody’s after the market closed last night. The pair announced they had downgraded the chain’s credit rating to just one notch above junk. On Friday the cost of insuring against Tesco defaulting on its debt shot up, with the spread on its credit default swaps — derivatives used to insure against a default — widening by 25%.

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“Thomas wanted to see Bill in action, if he could get close enough” to the set, Thomas’ brother Anthony told us about the afternoon last year when his mom and Thomas, an aspiring actor with Down syndrome, met Murray.

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Marussia has followed Caterham to become the second F1 team placed in administration within days, leaving up to 200 jobs at risk. The Banbury-based team will continue to operate, but has already withdrawn from the forthcoming US Grand Prix.

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Telecom and internet service provider Level 3 priced a $2billion incremental term loan backing its acquisition of twtelecom at 350bp over Libor, in line with guidance. The loan wasissued at 99.25 at the bottom end of guidance on October 10.

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For the private equity firms that bought the flats, the dealwas good business. For tenants, less so. The poorest had longbenefited from rent reductions - some of them officiallydocumented contracts, others informal arrangements withwell-meaning public officials.

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Can you be an ideologue and a good manager? That has been one of the big questions facing Mayor de Blasio since he took the keys to City Hall from his ostentatiously non-ideological predecessor, Mike Bloomberg.

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But London preferred it shot on sight. In March 1934, an unnamed ofcial at the National History Museum said if hunters could not get a whole Nessie, “a ipper, a jaw or a tooth would be very welcome.”

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After months of beating back the separatists, Ukraine's troops faced sharp reversals in August, which Kiev and its Western backers say was caused by Moscow sending armoured columns with hundreds of troops to aid the rebels. Moscow denies intervening directly on the ground.

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"Teachers don't teach to become rich or famous. They teach because they love children. We believe that we should honour and reward the good ones while doing what's best for our nation's future - demanding accountability, higher standards and the best teacher in every classroom."

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I also really love Arianna Huffington's wisdom on the subject of goals. (As in many other areas.) When I heard her speak recently, she talked about how another way to mentally complete a project is simply to give it up.

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Having created The Maths Factor – an online maths school for primary age children – four years ago, Vorderman will attend the first 'graduation day' today, for children who have made exceptional progress through the program.

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I’m not familiar with Lucy Griffiths, who plays Liv Aberdine, the eyes and ears of the audience, the relatable figure the entire pilot revolves around, but unless she was being bribed to kill the show stone dead like an old-time boxer paid to take a fall, there’s no way she could have been worse in the part.

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There is the first transatlantic telegraph cable which connected Europe and North America, the broadcast equipment behind the BBC's first radio programme in 1922, and Sir Tim Berners-Lee's NeXT computer, which hosted the first website.

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"Large numbers of investors are involved in Lloyds and arelooking for them to start paying a dividend at some point, butthe more money that is needed to bolster their balance sheet,the less there is for dividends," Manoj Ladwa, the head oftrading at TJM Partners, said.

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Jarod said his father never returned to the seat. After the game, the trio searched the stadium, notified security and police and contacted local hospitals and jails. There was no sighting of the father.

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The Abbasid caliphate lasted for half a millennium before coming to a brutal end in 1258. When Baghdad fell to the Mongols, the last of the city's caliphs was rolled in a carpet and trampled to death under the hooves of Mongol horses - this was, bizarrely, a mark of respect, as the Mongols believed that people of rank should be killed without their blood being shed.

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However, Murray dug deep to take the match to a third set and after missing his chance to seal victory with Robredo serving at 4-5 managed to come through the deciding tiebreak by fending off a further three match points.

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Prosecutor Adrian Mopp told the court Mr Dewani had said to Mr Leisser he was about to be engaged to Anni, a Swedish national, and could not find a way out of the marriage without being disowned by his family.

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“I know who you are,” Penn glowered back. He was clearly still incensed over reports that John and his wife were sleeping together while she was still married. “You owe me an apology.” Aware of Penn’s fondness for fisticuffs, John beat a hasty retreat. The next morning, a funeral wreath of white roses bearing the inscription my deepest sympathies arrived at John’s front door. “Johnny,” the card read, “I heard about last night. m.”

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The pair also run an online magic business and a party shop in Wigan. Somehow this is funny. I am about to crack a joke about wigs – Daniels famously wore them for many years. But then McGee says something that makes me feel, well, a bit of a metropolitan snob. “In Wigan all the young girls dress up at the weekend to go out. It’s really important to them,” she says. “But there’s not much money about, so it’s cheaper to have a fancy-dress costume than buy a whole new outfit.”

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Confinement of the nurse at a Newark, New Jersey hospital raises constitutional and civil liberties issues, given that she remains asymptomatic and has not tested positive for Ebola, said her attorney Norman Siegel, a prominent civil liberties lawyer.

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"As a result of the survey findings, we are at the National Ploughing Championships again this year to promote our free and confidential Mental Health Support and Information Service. It provides easily accessible free professional advice, guidance and support to help people manage mental health issues," explained the service's CEO, Paul Gilligan.

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