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The Chinese PC maker has a posted a company product page for its “Smartband SW-B100”, which is designed as a fitness tracker. It can record calories burnt, steps taken and a user’s heartrate, in addition to syncing with a smartphone through an app to provide more complete health data.

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In neighboring Syria, a joint U.N. fact-finding mission sent to investigate alleged chlorine attacks was ambushed and briefly detained by armed men earlier this year in rebel-held territory. The mission had said it was virtually certain chlorine had been used as a chemical weapon in the country's north.

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Sure, a few people with degrees who are employed by oil and coal companies will make claims that the jury is still out. However, virtually all scientists who study climate and geography, as well as the scientific literature on the subject are in agreement that man-made pollution is the cause for global warming.The only issue is how quickly the climate will change and how devastating the effects will be. Go ahead and enjoy your faith-based or politically based delusion, but the facts are there for anyone willing to open their eyes.

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The company said results in Europe - which contributes thebulk of revenues - and the Americas would stabilise over theremainder of 2014, while results elsewhere would besignificantly better than last year.(1 US dollar = 0.7876 euro) (Reporting By Thomas Escritt; Editing by Stephen Coates)

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They have only two games in the next week, both at home: Monday against the Minnesota Wild and Saturday against the Winnipeg Jets. That’s a lot of time to think about their issues, and not a ton of opportunities to rectify them.

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A better use of that effort would be determining ASPs and Units Sold for FQ2/2014. Developing a history of accurately foretelling management’s Guidance would alert investors when management Guidance deviates from our estimates.

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"There are some conditions, for example osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, which are clearly directly associated with the menopause, whereas others are more associated with increasing age. Menopause provides women with an opportunity to review their health and lifestyle and to make changes which will benefit their future wellbeing," commented the study's lead author, Dr Roger Lobo.

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Among the major listed banks, the biggest hits were to Greece's Piraeus bank, whose core capital fell by 3.7 percentage points after the ECB adjusted the bank's capital to reflect the new asset valuations.

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"But the NHS is now at a crossroads - as a country we need to decide which way to go. The Forward View represents the shared view of the national leadership of the NHS, setting out the choices – and consequences – that we will face over the next five years."

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SYDNEY/WELLINGTON, Oct 27 (Reuters) - Australian shares roseby mid-session on Monday, as investors shrugged off concernsabout the U.S. Federal Reserve winding back its stimulus planand strong momentum from Wall Street.

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The rally on Sunday was organized by a Facebook group which has over 210,000 supporters. The protesters, which some local websites estimated as numbering over 10,000, gathered in front of the Economy Ministry.


He said he was studying how China had turned to its advantage the sanctions imposed after the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, so that it exploded onto the world with double-digit growth less than two decades later. And how Russia had made its comeback after defaulting on its debts in 1998.

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Marussia has followed Caterham to become the second F1 team placed in administration within days, leaving up to 200 jobs at risk. The Banbury-based team will continue to operate, but has already withdrawn from the forthcoming US Grand Prix.

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An FCC auction in 2008 drew bids totaling more than $19billion. The auction now planned for 2016 could sell access toas many as 120 megahertz of airwaves, according an FCC planpublished in 2010. The 2008 auction sold access to 62 megahertz.

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At 29, James' jersey is the NBA's top seller. He brought the NBA free agent market to a standstill twice – freezing player movement over two different summers until he announced his decisions to join the Heat in 2010 and return to the Cavaliers in July.

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Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott, talks with reporters after visiting a campaign office to meet volunteers and make phone calls on Florida's primary election day in Tampa, Florida, August 26, 2014.

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PARIS/LONDON, Oct 27 (Reuters) - European stocks dipped onMonday as investors seeing a key index of German businesssentiment hit its lowest level in almost two years decided tobook some of last week's sharp gains.

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In fact, out of all the subjects, maths was identified by the highest proportion of parents as the hardest subject to help their child with. 34 per cent said maths was the hardest, while only 8 per cent identified English as the most difficult.

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"When we found out when that happened, we noticed it coincided with the pattern mentioned in whales. Now we need to find out if one event - Megalodon's extinction - caused the other - evolution of gigantism in whales."

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The previous week, he had lunch with his mother – a French-Canadian and senior government official from whom he had cut himself off for five years, telling her that he wanted to travel to Syria.

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Notoriously outspoken, Daniels has little truck with magician-cum-endurance artist David Blaine, whom he dismisses as dull. But even Blaine is old hat these days, now that 31-year-old British hipster Dynamo has come on the scene.

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New rules designed to prevent infiltration by Muslim extremists are stopping a Christian primary school from operating in line with its founding principles, the Education Secretary has been warned.

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"There is a crucial job to be done in this interim period. For the last three years it has been my priority to keep the UK family together, in this coming period I am clear that we will keep the Scottish Labour family together.

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Dairy herds have been fitted with electronic collars that indicate when they are ready to breed and the amount of time they spend walking and grazing, while bio-tags attached to oysters measure their heart rate.

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The incident at the stadium cannot simply be interpreted as mass hysteria - there were numerous UFO sightings in many towns across Tuscany that day and over the days that followed. According to some eyewitness accounts a ray of white light was seen in the sky coming from Prato, north of Florence.

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Shares in the aforementioned Monte dei Paschi bank, which fared worst in the "stress tests" administered by European authorities, have plummeted by 15%. Tough times for the Italian institution, which has been around since 1472, and was founded for the purpose of granting loans to "poor or miserable or needy persons".

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The trend in Indonesia seems fairly clear, miners will beexpected to abide by the laws and pay royalties, and the sectormust meet national interest goals by ensuring sufficientdomestic supplies, adding value to products and by employingmore Indonesians.

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Last night, when I went to start writing this piece, I had a conversation with a friend of mine that, when paraphrased, resulted in this tweet, because I had to share my feelings directly about writing about this game.

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By contrast, energy-consuming states have fared poorly. Noneof the 10 states with the largest energy deficits has improvedits relative economic position since 2003. Nine of them havefallen in the ranking, in some cases sharply (Chart 3).

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"It strongly shows that the evangelical population is very engaged, very interested in what's happening and much easier to turn out for an election than the population as a whole," said Ipsos pollster Chris Jackson.

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