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But as much as I try, I can't get angry about yesterday's horrifying defeat at the hands of the Patriots. Instead, it felt like a couple of other things. Resignation. Like we witnessed the execution of the Bears season, the guillotine crashing right down on the "and" in the middle of the record, as if to say "Don't bother."

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Still only 25 years old, Bumgarner is compiling a World Series résumé for the ages. The lefty is now 4-0 in four career starts, posting a 0.29 ERA, the lowest for any pitcher in history with at least 25 innings. As he finished off the Royals in the ninth, Bumgarner took notice as fans chanted “MVP”

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"However we are currently working with a group of large retailers to develop a mobile wallet that allows for mobile payments attached to credit cards and bank accounts directly from a smartphone. We expect to have this feature available in the first half of 2015."

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Lim said that these studies indicate that the role HSV plays in the development of Alzheimer's disease is more than a chance association, but instead indicate a causal relationship. "I think a causal relationship is likely, but like all epidemiological studies, there might always be confounders one has not thought about or not measured," he said. "In a few years we hope we will be able to start clinical studies to investigate whether antiviral drugs might slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease," he said.

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"Large numbers of investors are involved in Lloyds and arelooking for them to start paying a dividend at some point, butthe more money that is needed to bolster their balance sheet,the less there is for dividends," Manoj Ladwa, the head oftrading at TJM Partners, said.

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She said: "I think you need to have a degree of self-awareness about your own strengths and weaknesses. I would much rather play a supporting role than be the leader and that's always been my position. I think that's a healthy dose of reality on my part."

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Euro zone "banks face a significant challenge as the sectorremains chronically unprofitable and must address their 879billion euro ($1.1 trillion) exposure to non-performing loans asthis will tie up significant amounts of capital," accountancyfirm KPMG noted.

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Employment activity increased in the region. Construction activity on roads, schools and commercial projects continued on a significant pace. Payroll gains occurred in Retail Trade, Wholesale Trade and Transportation. In addition, employment remained at high levels in Health Services and Leisure/Hospitality. Several area manufacturers have added production workers.

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The Jets gave Smith a fair opportunity to prove that he can be the future, but his penchant for mistakes through 24 starts makes it clear that he’s not the answer. So, he needs to grab a clipboard.

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One of the central questions is, at what point does a belief system become a religion? For Bishop Walker it is a "very difficult question" but he puts forward a few hunches. It has to be about bettering society and altruism, he says. There needs to be a significant number of adherents, and, crucially, it will need to have been around for a long time. "We'd want to look at the Jedi for quite some decades before accepting them, [as a religion]" he says. But he admits that there are no hard-and-fast rules.

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In neighboring Syria, a joint U.N. fact-finding mission sent to investigate alleged chlorine attacks was ambushed and briefly detained by armed men earlier this year in rebel-held territory. The mission had said it was virtually certain chlorine had been used as a chemical weapon in the country's north.

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Amazingly in its first season in the Calcutta League in 1934, Mohammedan Sporting won the title. In 1936, the club achieved the rare double of winning both the League and the IFA Shield, becoming only the second Indian team after Mohun Bagan to win the Shield.

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In MLB’s latest TV contract, Fox isn’t overpaying for the right to air baseball games (especially ones in October) in anticipation of guaranteed mega World Series ratings. The Foxies overpaid Seligula & Co. (just over $4 billion for eight years) to bring awareness and distribution to Fox Sports 1, their fledgling all-sports cable channel, where most of the NLCS aired, many regional regular-season games are carried and all of their baseball shoulder programming is televised.

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From his office at Socialist headquarters on the Left Bank of the River Seine, party chief Jean-Christophe Cambadelis argues that the real divisions between the main protagonists are narrower than they would have their audiences believe.

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Jabbari was found guilty of premeditated murder in 2009 but the sentence was only carried out after Iran's Supreme Court upheld the verdict. The victim's family could have saved Jabbari's life by accepting blood money but they refused to do so.

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Queen Elizabeth II talks to Ghana's President John Dramani Mahama and his wife during a private audience at Buckingham Palace in London on Thursday. Mr Mahama presented the British monarch with a copy of his book My First Coup D'Etat, his account of growing up in Ghana.

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Overall, the episode felt like an attempt to sever ties, cut loose and move the story on, with Glenn and Maggie’s decision to leave with Abraham, and Daryl and Carol’s absence (Daryl returned right at the very end of the episode) heralding a return to a separated group and splintered plot lines. But while it may have made narrative sense to round off the Terminus plot, it was difficult not to feel a little cheated.

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Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said: "The problem lies with the holiday companies and airlines and if this issue is to be addressed sensibly then there should be pressure put on them, not schools.

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When the idea of Euro Arrest Warrants was first mooted a decade ago, the Conservative party in opposition opposed the idea. Now in government, many Conservative ministers have, of course, been captured by the mandarinate.

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"Although the exact mechanism of these relationships need to be better understood, there is a suggestion that body fat around the waist is more metabolically active than adipose tissue elsewhere," the team from University College London said.

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Carbonic acid, the liquid form of carbon dioxide, is essential in biological systems, as well as in the environment. This new research could provide a wealth of information on the behavior of this chemical with wide-ranging effects.

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And yet. For all their current buzz, there remains a sense of transience to all this: the suspicion that a higher calling will always be just beyond them. The cries of “Sam for England” will subside the next time West Ham lose.

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Reacting to the situation with her own Twitter post, Chloe Madeley, 27, wrote: "To believe my mother is pro 'non violent rape' is ridiculous and I am shocked that so many people have jumped to this conclusion.

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Yeah but it was nothing to do with Doctor Who. He was actually in The History Boys after I was and he’s good friends with James Corden. I saw him at James’s wedding. Oh that was a party. A few of us made it to the end. It really was a celebrity bash. My first one like that.

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Lotusland is another favourite, a high-camp confection in California that also boasts a world-class collection of cacti and succulents. So it is the plants after all that truly energise Cox.

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With the ball on the Detroit 7, Stafford hit Golden Tate for 32 yards. The Lions got another first down on a pass to Theo Riddick for 20 yards, and Stafford later threw to Jeremy Ross for another first down.

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Canada has been experiencing an increase in natural gas and gasliquids drilling activity related to deep basin drilling innorthwestern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia while thetrend towards oil-directed drilling in the U.S. continues. To date in2014, approximately 59% of the Canadian industry's active rigs and82% of the U.S. industry's active rigs were drilling for oil targets,compared to 68% for Canada and 78% for the U.S. at the same time lastyear.

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This, incidentally, is why I quite like Kate Moss. She is (or at least appears to be) the one celebrity who has taken Mark Twain’s famous suggestion to heart: “It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.” I’m pretty sure I have never heard Kate Moss offer an opinion on anything except “Nothing looks as good as skinny feels” and, on the subject of being thin and hot, she is an expert with an enviable body of work behind her.

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McDaniel refused to concede, claiming that Cochran encouraged voter fraud and that thousands of ballots had been improperly cast by Democrats, mostly African-Americans, or mishandled by county election officials.

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“This is something that can happen,” Giovanni Sabatini,director general of the Italian Banking Association, said in aninterview today in Rome. “The commercial banking model is underpressure” and there’s a need for “restructuring of the system,a search for more efficiency to increase productivity and reducecosts.”

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